Belgian PM urges calm, not to let terror affect way of life, 'but also we’re shutting down everything.'

In the face an imminent terror threat, and ongoing raids, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has told his people to “remain calm, to be serene, and go about your lives,” [...]

Man with no ties to any terror group being monitored by GCSB ‘just in case’

A Nelson man with no ties to any extremist group, and who poses no apparent threat to anyone, will continue to be monitored by the GCSB “just in case,” says Prime Minister John Key, who sees no immediate reason to remove him [...]

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A man refused to be served by a black air hostess. What happened next will generate advertising revenue

A man refused to be served by a black air hostess. What happened next will generate advertising revenue

A long-haul flight from one city to another took an inspiring turn at some point in history, when a nasty man did a racist thing and eventually made a lot of advertising revenue for websites unable to produce their own content. The story, which no doubt you’ll enjoy once you […]

Ma’a Nonu and Jerome Kaino bring home a cup, which it turns we already have quite a few of, and it’s not even a very good one for drinking from.

Nation starting to realise that nothing happens after winning World Cup

As of this evening, New Zealanders are beginning to realise that nothing actually happens as a result of winning the Rugby World Cup. After an exciting and excruciating month of watching the All Blacks play to win their second successive title, the nation is just now beginning to feel collectively […]

Could clouds like this one actually be aliens? Experts we spoke to said they are.

Lack of news calls for more pictures of lenticular clouds

A general lack of goings-on not relating to death or severe injury has seen news media demand for amateur pictures of lenticular clouds – colloquially known as might be aliens – dramatically increase this week. One News has reported a “significant” uptick in its use of quaint photographs of lenticular […]

Pubs across New Zealand are expected to be packed on Sunday morning for the HD replay of the 2007 Cardiff quarterfinal.

Sky didn’t buy rights to Rugby World Cup playoffs; will just replay 2007 quarterfinal over and over

New Zealand’s premier subscription TV network, Sky Television, has today confessed to not purchasing the broadcasting rights for this year’s playoff games of the Rugby World Cup, which will leave viewers unable to watch the All Blacks’ quarterfinal game against France this Sunday. Sky has apologised for the mix-up, which […]

Chris Cairns today (left) and in 2001 film Bridget Jones’s Diary (right).

Jury to analyse Chris Cairns’ behaviour in Bridget Jones’s Diary

The jury who will ultimately determine the outcome of Chris Cairns’ perjury trial will tomorrow be shown the full running length of 2001 film Bridget Jones’s Diary, as well as its sequel, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, both of which appear to show candid footage of Cairns as he […]

In March, police released a series of guidelines on how best to panic about the 1080 scare, which can be found here.

1080 arrest could have been made quicker if public had panicked more, say police

Police are congratulating themselves today after an 11-month investigation that resulted in the arrest of a man for threats made to contaminate baby formula with deadly poison 1080. But they are also expressing disappointment in the public for remaining what police commissioner Mike Bush referred to as “too calm,” and […]