Politicians scramble to dispose of their own copies of Mein Kampf

Following the revelation that creator of the Internet Party Kim Dotcom owns a rare signed copy of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, politicians around the country are desperately scrambling to dispose of their own signed copies of the infamous book, in hopes that no one will ever find them. Parliamentary cleaners have reported this afternoon [...]

Nation certain this picture should be used but unsure how

New Zealanders across the country have agreed this afternoon that this picture of Conservative Party leader Colin Craig is so noteworthy that it ought to be used for a purpose befitting of its intensity, but have yet to decide on what that purpose is [...]

Other News

Chief executive Vikram Kumar said the process of telling Kim Dotcom that one of his handpicked candidates is dead, was “a delicate one.”

Internet Party identifies its strongest candidates as members of other parties

Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party has drafted a confidential document that analyses, in detail, each of its prospective candidates for the upcoming general election. The document, leaked this morning by New Zealand’s only news blog for children, Whale Oil, identifies the five candidates Dotcom and others believe to be their party’s […]

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has warned Australians that plane people are not the stuff of fiction, but a very real threat to the nation’s borders.

Australian Government growing concerned about influx of plane people

Australia’s federal government has acknowledged today that it is growing increasingly concerned about what it describes as a disturbing influx of “plane people” into the country. Australian immigration minister Scott Morrison said today that the latest figures provided to the Government show a disquieting number of foreign-sounding names gaining access […]

Responding to extremely unpopular demand, 3 News has promised that it will recycle footage from 2011 for this year’s election night special.

Broadcasters consider running election night coverage next week ‘just to get it over with’

New Zealand’s major news providers, One News and 3 News, are considering moving up their election night coverage – originally planned for September 20th – to next week, in an attempt to get the whole thing “over and done with.” MediaWorks news chief Mark Jennings said that there was a […]

Cunliffe told media today that his party wasn’t even conducting internal polling, just to prove how little it matters.

Cunliffe dismisses poll as scientific data point realistically evaluating his chances at victory

As Labour leader David Cunliffe faces ongoing pressure to reverse his party’s fortunes ahead of this year’s election, he faces increasingly difficult questions about why polling shows the party performing worse than it did under previous leader David Shearer. Cunliffe has spent two days attempting to explain a Herald-DigiPoll survey […]

If Craig is successful in his action, Colin Craig may, for the first time, be forced to pay his legal costs.

Colin Craig threatens to sue self for defamation

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has today issued himself with a legal notice, threatening to take him to court on charges of defamation. Craig, who is widely regarded as having an excellent sense of humour, argues that his self, Colin Craig, has caused “substantial and ongoing” damage to his reputation, […]

Japan has concluded with 97% certainty that the North Pacific right whale is the world’s tastiest.

Japan completes research; discovers tastiest whale

The Pacific nation of Japan has announced today that their controversial scientific whaling programme has finally come to an end, and that after many years of ruthlessly slaughtering whales, they have made a breakthrough in their quest to discover which one is the tastiest. Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, who […]