Government to offer three years free tertiary education to one person only

Following Labour’s weekend policy announcement of three years free tertiary education for every New Zealander, the Government has shot back, offering their own version of the policy, that will also fund three years tuition, but only for one person [...]

EXCLUSIVE: ISIS training video used to instruct sleeper cells in New Zealand

In this week's episode our WatchMe webseries, Ben takes a trip into the heart of the Dark Web, and uncovers an ISIS sleeper cell in New Zealand planning to conduct attacks that may already have happened. [...]

Other News

Prime Minister John Key poses with the victorious Kyle Lockwood design “Burnt Weetbix: A New Zealand Story of Flag”

Key champions fact that 100% of referendum votes were for a new flag

Prime Minister John Key continues to champion the result of the first flag referendum this week, saying he has it on good word from the Electoral Commission that, even after final results are tallied, there are likely to be “no valid votes” for the current flag among the results. “It’s […]

An unexplained thick tar has begun washing up on the beaches of New Zealand after Judith Collins was reappointed to the Ministry of Corrections.

Nation learns of Judith Collins’ reappointment via dead ravens on their lawn, darkening skies

In an ever-changing media landscape, New Zealanders are increasingly getting their news less and less from traditional sources. This was the case yesterday, as a majority of Kiwis reported receiving the news that Judith Collins had been reappointed to her Cabinet position as Corrections Minister, not from the usual outlets […]

Acknowledging that hepatitis A was not usually a sexually transmitted disease, the Government wanted to emphasize that sexual contact with frozen fruits was “probably not something that should be done anyway.”

After hepatitis berry scare, Government advising no one have sex with their berries

Following today’s revelation that contaminated, imported frozen berries had led several New Zealanders to fall ill with hepatitis A, the Government is advising people to avoid any overt sexual contact with their berries. The Ministry for Primary Industries today confirmed that there was a potential, though unconfirmed, risk of frozen […]

Police insist that only the mentally well should be allowed near firearms, and that cannot include anyone who has covered politics for more than 30 years.

Police just trying to keep guns as far away from Barry Soper as possible

Police have stood by their decision to raid the home of TV3 reporter Heather du Plessis-Allan this morning, saying that, while the raid may have seemed heavy-handed, they only had the public’s best interests at heart, and were merely trying to keep any weapons as far away from du Plessis-Allan’s […]

Police and the GCSB have been closely monitoring one man for years, on the off chance he one day does something suspicious.

Man with no ties to any terror group being monitored by GCSB ‘just in case’

A Nelson man with no ties to any extremist group, and who poses no apparent threat to anyone, will continue to be monitored by the GCSB “just in case,” says Prime Minister John Key, who sees no immediate reason to remove him from the New Zealand terror watchlist. In the […]

Armed police in the streets of Brussels go about their day-to-day lives.

Belgian PM urges calm, not to let terror affect way of life, ‘but also we’re shutting down everything.’

In the face an imminent terror threat, and ongoing raids, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has told his people to “remain calm, to be serene, and go about your lives,” because to do so would allow ISIS and other terror groups to win. “But also,” he added, “we’ve shut down […]