Starved tigers and bears to be introduced to New Zealand as bio-control measure against humans

The Ministry for Primary Industries is seeking approval this week to introduce starved and angry tigers and bears to New Zealand’s ecosystem [...]

Opinion: What’s all the fuss about these rivers? I drank some water once and it wasn’t any bloody good

This is nonsense, this stuff the Government’s going on about now with this bloody water, cleaner water, better water, swimmable water [...]

Other News

Environment Minister Nick Smith says the country’s rivers will “almost universally” be swimmable by 2040, but urges New Zealander’s not to drink from them.

Government vows that by 2040, 90% of New Zealand’s rivers will be ‘vaguely liquid in nature’

The National Government has fronted up with a bold election year commitment today, with Environment Minister Nick Smith saying that new targets will see 90% of New Zealand’s rivers attain a vaguely liquid consistency by the year 2040, down from the current 95%. At a West Auckland press conference, Smith […]

Take that, Australia!

Amazing discovery: New Zealand is part of an enormous underwater land mass called Earth

People tend to think of New Zealand as a tiny little country tucked away in the corner of the globe, much smaller than continents like Australia, Europe, or Asia. But a groundbreaking new discovery suggests that couldn’t be further from the truth, with prominent geologists saying that the islands we […]

Rove’s agent has pleaded with the public to have some sympathy for him, as it’s just that he “hasn’t been on TV for a while.”

‘Why the hell do I have the same three panelists?’ Rove erupts as he learns he isn’t hosting The Project permanently

Chaos and anger have erupted at MediaWorks studios this evening as noted Australian Rove McManus has showed up to film the show’s second episode, apparently believing himself to have been the permanent host of the programme. Rove was the first guest-host of Three’s latest attempt to smother current affairs to […]

The Civilian is rebranding!

The Civilian is rebranding!

Every organisation goes through changes. Telecom became Spark. Woolworths became Countdown. John Key became Bill English. Vegemite became Marmite. And most recently, TV3 became +HTHEA@? Today, The Civilian joins the long and prestigious list of companies that have undergone a much-needed makeover. When we first launched, the world was a […]

There are chaotic and deadly scenes on New Zealand’s roads this afternoon as children of all ages take cues from their idol, Dan Carter.

Dan Carter apology comes too late: thousands of kids already drink driving to emulate their hero

All Black great Dan Carter has apologised on Facebook this afternoon for being caught driving drunk in Paris, but police say it’s too little too late, as children from Reinga to Bluff are engaging in what they’re calling an “outbreak” of drink driving. “All across the country, it really is […]

English also briefly addressed other elements of the response that may have been a mistake, including the initial decision to use gasoline instead of water.

PM concedes tossing Gerry Brownlee down the hill to appease the fire was ‘probably a mistake’ but ‘he will be remembered’

In his first visit to the scene of the Port Hills fires today, Prime Minister Bill English has conceded that the initial decision to roll Gerry Brownlee down the Hoon Hay Valley in an attempt to appease the fire may have been a mistake, and perhaps based on faulty science. […]