Key tells UN that woman he said was unfit to be Prime Minister is fit to be Secretary General

Prime Minister John Key has delivered a rousing speech at the United Nations General Assembly today, putting forth a [...]

UFO sighting over Auckland was just new Breakfast desk

A widely reported UFO sighting over Auckland last night was just TVNZ’s new Breakfast desk, says the company’s CEO, Kevin Kenrick. Panic erupted along Queen Street and spread outward from there as the object appeared to fly, from Victoria Street [...]

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Cedric Claude Rene Rault-Verpre says New Zealand is a painful reminder of when Hitler forced his ancestors to repair signs they had vandalised.

Angry French tourist may have a point, as historians say vandalism was also illegal in Nazi Germany

An angered French tourist who is being forced to pay $3,000 to repair a sign he vandalised in Punakaiki, is referring to New Zealand as “Nazi Zealand,” saying that the actions of the Greymouth District Court remind him of the oppression faced by his ancestors under the rule of Adolf […]

Adults have also noticed that children don’t speak the same way they used to, and use confusing acronyms that aren’t even capitalised.

NCEA debacle perfect opportunity for smug adults to demonstrate superiority to children

An NCEA exam that subjected Year 11 students to questions allegedly above their curriculum level has provided a welcome opportunity for smug adults to use the internet to demonstrate how much better they can perform tasks than a 15-year-old child. Grown men and women across the country were thrilled to […]

Clark remains upbeat in hopes she’ll be the last candidate alive.

Helen Clark could still win Secretary General race if all other candidates die violently

Despite falling into eighth place in the latest straw poll, former Prime Minister Helen Clark may still be in with a chance to be the next United Nations Secretary General, say knowledgeable UN watchers, if she’s able to steady the ship and walk the narrow tight-rope of all the other […]

Colin Craig opens defence with 23-page-long poem about his loins

Colin Craig opens defence with 23-page-long poem about his loins

Colin Craig has opened his defence in the defamation trial against him by spending a full 30 minutes reciting to the court a poem he allegedly wrote about his genital area. When called to testify, Craig asked if he may read something, and was granted permission to do so. “Thank […]

A recent study of thousands of news articles has shown that practically no one reads picture captions.

Supposedly ‘waterproof’ iPhone 7 still can’t be thrown into rapids or fed to a shark

Apple has once again disappointed with its latest iPhone, after users report that the supposedly “waterproof” device can still be damaged irreparably if thrown into fast moving rapids or fed to an angry shark. Apple has always cautioned users that the label “waterproof” does come with certain caveats, but early […]

62% of Albert-Eden residents spoken to say they’re “undecided” on what the Albert-Eden Community Board is.

Stakes high in local board election as outcome could affect placement of tree relative to curb

The race for Albert-Eden Community Board seat #5 is heating up in the final weeks of the campaign, as it may prove to be one of the most consequential community board elections in decades, the fate of a tree’s positioning relative to a curb hanging in the balance. The tree, […]