Small cardboard box sells for $150k in Auckland

A small cardboard box in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn has sold for $150,000 this morning, setting a new high watermark for budget alternative housing in the city. The box, which features one bedroom, one kitchen, a bathroom, and a modest living area [...]

Lorde winning praise for donating small rounding error from her bank account

International superstar and happens-to-be-a-New-Zealander Ella Yelich-O’Connor, more popularly known as Royals, is receiving enormous praise from her fellow citizens and socially minded [...]

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Upon inspecting a map, many leave voters are not only shocked the UK remains in Europe, but also surprised that it actually looks even closer than they perceived it to be.

Leave voters disenchanted as they begin to realise UK is still in same geographical location

One week on, British referendum voters who opted to leave the European Union are beginning to feel a sense of disenchantment with their choice, as they start to realise that Great Britain is geographically no further away from Europe than it was prior to the vote. “I just wanted to […]

What’s in the 2016 Budget?

What’s in the 2016 Budget?

Tremendous amounts of money. $50 million education campaign telling poor people to stop being poor. $7 billion to be sent offshore to protect it from tax. $2 million to investigate best thing to do with two million dollars. A new tax on dildo manufacturers. Government revenue and debt forecasts to […]

English’s dramatic saga about numbers and decimal points is also facing pressure to update its cover art, which critics have described as “exactly the same every time.”

Fans of Bill English’s Budget series worried he won’t be able to tie all plot threads together by the end

Following the widely unanticipated release of the 8th instalment in Finance Minister Bill English’s Budget series, fans are beginning to fear that the plot has become so convoluted that he won’t be able to tie it all together by the series’ end, which is expected in either the 9th or […]

The cone appears not only to be stuck up the tree, but also trapped inside this black circle.

Fairlie firefighters to be charged after inhumane treatment of cone stuck up tree

A group of Fairlie firefighters who attempted to dislodge a road cone from the top of a tree by blasting water at it, are set to be charged by police for cruelty against the cone, which remains stuck in the 50-metre high tree. The cone, which found itself trapped after […]

Bachelor Jordan Mauger, who has a background in film, appears “most comfortable” around the camera, say those closest to him.

Camera odds-on favourite to win The Bachelor after spending most time with Jordan

Four weeks into the second season of TV3’s popular and highly inexpensive harem simulator, The Bachelor, a clear favourite is emerging in the contest to win a monogamous relationship with genetically modified love android Jordan Mauger. That favourite is the show’s primary camera, which, according to the crew behind the […]

Tonight’s result is a devastating blow to White Leonardo DiCaprio, who is still yet to win an Academy Award.

Academy appeases everyone by awarding Oscar to Black Leonardo DiCaprio

In an attempt to sidestep a recent controversy over the lack of racial diversity at the Oscars – as well as appease a growing community of angry Leonardo DiCaprio fans incensed that the critically acclaimed and prolific movie star has yet to win an Oscar – the Academy of Motion […]