Campbell signs off final show by going on reckless Mazda driving spree

Two schools are on fire and several are dead tonight after veteran broadcaster John Campbell signed off his final show by going on a reckless, alcohol-induced driving rampage in aid of Campbell Live’s official sponsor, Mazda. When the show [...]

John Key signed to TVNZ as resident expert on politics, movies

Prime Minister John Key has been signed on to a 3-year fixed term contract as TVNZ’s go-to expert on political and cinematographic issues. The Prime Minister will be appearing regularly, as he has throughout the last six years [...]

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The company says that “thousands” of New Zealanders had already tried the new wasp-laden chocolate and “quite enjoyed it.”

Wasp in Whittaker’s chocolate false alarm; was supposed to be there

A wasp found in a bar of Whittaker’s chocolate, apparently in error, has now been found to be a false alarm, with the company saying that any insects in its product are entirely intentional, and part of a new promotion. Wellington resident Casey Taylor says her husband, whose name is […]

By Bob Jones

Opinion: No one survives plane crashes anyway

Have you ever been in a plane crash? No. You haven’t. If you had, you’d be dead, and no one would ask you such a thing, because no one would care what you thought. Much as they didn’t when you were alive. Plane crashes are not minor sorts of affairs. […]

Road Cops does occasionally feature police on the pavement.

MediaWorks confirms reruns of Road Cops is its new current affairs show

TV3 owner MediaWorks has acknowledged this morning what many already suspected, that the previously slated interim replacement for Campbell Live – reruns of popular police-in-cars programme Road Cops – will in fact be permanent, and act as its 7pm current affairs show. Head of news Mark Jennings said that reruns […]

Have you had a recent experience with a Jetstar flight that has been on time? Send your stories to

Jetstar passenger furious after missing flight that left on time

A man who booked a flight with Jetstar is angry today after missing a flight because it departed at the time it was scheduled to. JQ287, from Wellington to Christchurch, was scheduled to leave this morning at 8:15am, and did, in an unexpected turn of events that one passenger has […]

One man who showed up to see Prince Harry in Christchurch yesterday said he got an “excellent” view of the back of another man’s head.

Prince Harry says it’s ‘inhumane’ how many New Zealanders live in cramped pens on side of the road

British royal Prince Harry has told media he finds it “quite inhumane” how many New Zealanders do not live in sheltered homes, and appear instead to be forced to live in cramped enclosures on the side of the road. Harry, who has been touring New Zealand since Saturday, says that […]

By an anonymous reader.

Opinion: John Key calls me every morning at 3am and I can’t take it anymore

It all started four years ago, on March 11th, 2011. It was only shortly after the most devastating of the Christchurch earthquakes, and myself and my family were just beginning to pick up the pieces. It was about then that I had just started to sleep peacefully again, but I […]