After much deliberation over catchy ways to refer to storm, media settles on ‘Cyclone 2: Many Cook spoils the Beach’

PICTURED: Cyclone 2: Many Cook spoils the Beach

PICTURED: Cyclone 2: Many Cook spoils the Beach

The open deliberation over how to refer to Cyclone Cook in media reports has been days in the process, with some referring to it as the Cookopalypse, while the New Zealand Herald pitched in with its suggestion of the “Cookie Monster.”

But as of tonight, while the storm travels south, media outlets appear to have coalesced around a more appropriate option: Cyclone 2: Many Cook spoils the Beach.

“That’s the graphic we’re running with on all our broadcasts now, yes,” said MediaWorks head of news Hal Crawford. “TVNZ are doing the same, and we expect other outlets to follow suit shortly. It’s just the logical thing to call it.”

Crawford said that while journalists had also considered Cooking up a Storm, Cooked Raw, and What does an oven do?, they ultimate didn’t make as much sense.

“The answer to that last one could actually be bake,” he said. “Cyclone 2: Many Cook spoils the Beach just speaks for itself, really. It’s clear, concise, simple, and easy to explain.

“It’s the second cyclone or ex-cyclone, rather, that we’ve seen in the last few weeks, so it’s a sequel in a way, and the 2, from the, you know, because it’s a, you know, because it’s a sequel, and often, when you make a movie, you call it like, you put a 2, like there was the Matrix, and then there was the Matrix – oh, wait. No. That, no, not that one.

“So you know how you could have like, Fast and the Furious, the one about the cars that go, and, uhm, the second one, they put a 2. They put two 2s, actually, which was clever because it fit in the title, which was 2 Fast 2 Furious, and the number 2 made sense because it was the second one but also there were two 2s, and presumably two cars.

“So this is Cyclone 2; the first cyclone being Debbie, Cyclone 1. But we didn’t call it that, we just called it, the weather. So, anyway, you’ve got that, but 2 is kind of like, it’s word play as well, because it plays into 2: Many, like, too many, the words too many, and it says 2 Many Cook, Cook being the cyclone, Cyclone 2, the second one, the current one, the one currently over New Zealand. We might’ve overblown it a little bit, but you know, it’s there, it’s moving.

“So that’s like, a play on, you know, that’s a play on the old saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’, which is basically, like, if you have too many people working on one thing it’s just, it’s bad, like if you have, maybe, too many journalists working on the same story or something, it just, it turns out just awful, like maybe really kind of hive-mindy and just a bit hysteric and possibly alarmist or something.

“But instead of being too many cooks spoil the broth, it’s Many Cook – like, much Cook, like lots of the cyclone – spoils the beach, because it wouldn’t spoil a broth. I guess if you left it outside it would, but it’s not mainly doing that. Mainly it’s spoiling the beach, which is where it, you know, which is where it comes ashore.”

Crawford said he hoped audiences would enjoy the name.

“It’s fun,” he said. “Cyclones should be fun.”