Andrew Yang demonstrates dangers of AI future by replacing self with uncharismatic, lifeless robot

Robots could soon replace many low-skill jobs, such as President of the United States.

Robots could soon replace many low-skill jobs, such as President of the United States.

US Presidential hopeful and doomsday prophet Andrew Yang went to extreme lengths to make a point in the first round of Democratic primary debates today, replacing himself with a lifeless robot for the entire duration.

Yang, who has been warning about the takeover of low skill jobs by artificial intelligence, put on a terrifying demonstration at the first debate in Miami, replacing himself with a lifeless robot lacking in charisma, energy or vision.

Audiences were reportedly horrified by the display, but also fascinated by how the Yang robot could appear so life-like and yet be so frighteningly hollow.

Speaking to CNN after the debate, Yang said audiences’ sheer horror at his creation amounted to a “roaring success.”

“This is the future we’re facing,” he said. “I wanted audiences to see just how easily that everything I’m doing could be done by a poorly programmed, comparatively rudimentary robot.”

After the debate, speculation mounted that former Vice President Biden had also been replaced, after he malfunctioned attempting to make lists of three, and shut down his own answers when they violated a predefined time-limit.

“Number one,” announced Biden, during an exchange with Kamala Harris about civil rights. “I was the guy that got the Voting Rights Act extended by 25 years, and we got 98 votes in the Senate. Number two: three things: number one, Obama doesn’t get enough credit, and well… I’m out of time.”

While Biden was not available for comment after the debate, his campaign has pushed back on the rumour, promising Biden will get to point two part two, point two part three, and point one part three at the next debate at the end of July.