Auckland Airport to add new ‘crashed’ status to arrivals board

An example of what the new arrivals board will look like

An example of what the new arrivals board will look like

Auckland International Airport is today announcing that it will be overhauling its electronic arrival boards to give people more detailed information on the status of incoming flights. Amongst the changes is the addition of a new “crashed” status that will let anyone waiting for a flight know if their loved ones have perished in a horrible accident.

“Every week, thousands and thousands of people turn up to our airport to greet their family or friends flying in from all around the country and the world” said Adam Tyrie, the airport’s general manager of terminal development. “And they will often look to the arrivals board to tell them how far away that flight is, whether it’s landed, taxiing or whatever. But sometimes there are situations where the board can’t tell us certain things, such as if the plane is circling in queue to land, or if it has crashed and will no longer be arriving.”

“You might recall four years ago, an Air France flight from Rio de Janeiro ditched in the Atlantic Ocean half way to its destination. Now, there were many people who turned up at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris to greet their loved ones on that flight, and they were confused, because it never arrived, despite being listed on the electronic arrival board as ‘expected’. It would’ve been nice if the board could’ve clarified that the plane had crashed.”

The new changes will also apply to departure boards, with successfully departed flights continuing to display as “departed” and flights that explode on takeoff displaying as “departed unsuccessfully.”

Tyrie added that the airport would also include a new “on time” status for Jetstar flights, “just in case.”