Bill English has yet to make a decision on leadership bid; has to talk it over with his pot plants

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Bill English has yet to make a decision this evening on whether he’ll seek his party’s support to become Prime Minister of New Zealand.

In a press conference at Parliament this afternoon, he said he would need some time to think on it, and talk it over with his pot plants and rhododendrons.

“That’s uh, a, uhhh, uhhhhh, that’s a decision that I haven’t made yet,” he said, very slowly. “There are obviously, uh, obviously a lot of decisions that have to be made around that, and I’ll still want to go home and collect my thoughts and talk to my pot plants about it, and see what, uh, if anything, they will have to say about that.”

English appeared unusually animated during his remarks, blinking twice and using at least one facial expression.

Asked whether he thought he had what it takes to fill John Key’s shoes and become Prime Minister, English replied “Maybe, I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes.”

Feeling he’d undersold himself with that statement, he clarified he did think he’d do “quite okay.”

English wouldn’t commit to putting his hat in the ring if his pot plants sent approving messages, saying he’d also have to consult his massive calculator.