Budget 2013: New Zealanders hope for state-owned Georgie Pie, concerned about possibility of llama tax

Click the above image to see a larger version of this graph.

Click the above image to see a larger version of this graph.

A poll conducted by The Civilian has revealed that New Zealanders are looking to this year’s budget to provide them with colourful illustrations and a state-owned Georgie Pie enterprise, but are also fearful of the possibility of a new tax on llama ownership.

The scientific poll off 444 respondents was taken over the last two days, and asked New Zealanders what they most wanted out of this year’s Budget, set to be unveiled by Finance Minister Bill English at 2pm this afternoon.

The most important issue in the minds of those surveyed was the establishment of a government owned and operated Georgie Pie chain, with 20.5% – approximately 1 in 5 New Zealanders – saying it was a top priority for them.

16.7% wanted to see English preface his budget with a pretty picture of the Free Market Fairy, while another 8.6% wanted it to contain colourful illustrations by Prime Minister John Key. This brings the total percentage of people who want the Budget to feature fun drawings to more than 25%, a figure that will likely prove difficult for the Government to ignore.

Other popular items included the creation of a New Zealand space agency (8.3%), Whittaker’s Chocolate discount vouchers (5.6%), and Aaron Gilmore (6.3%).

Perhaps the most interesting finding of The Civilian’s poll was on the subject of llamas.

When surveyed, only 1.4% said they wanted to see llamas included as a specific item in this year’s budget, but when respondents were asked for their informal thoughts on the Budget in general, llamas were a far more prominent subject, with many offering responses such as “I fuckin’ love llamas”, “Llamas for everyone!” and “Llamas or get the fuck out.”

“Yep,” said one respondent. “Llamas should definitely be in the Budget.”

But this llama-induced excitement also stirred fears amongst some that the Government would use the budget to introduce a stealth tax on llama ownership.

“I’m just hoping they don’t announce a llama tax,” said one respondent.

Several others expressed strong agreement with that statement.

The Civilian’s poll also shed some light on what New Zealanders don’t want to see in the 2013 Budget, with the survey’s most unpopular answers including quality food products at an affordable price (2.9%), “schools where students actually learn” (0.5%), and “more real support for the disabled and mentally ill” (0.2%).