Can it get any worse? Now James Shaw can’t get his hand out of the garbage disposal

James Shaw is a mess.

James Shaw is a mess.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the Greens, it’s happened again.

Fortunes have gone from bad to worse for the previously ascendant party, after Metiria Turei’s benefit scandal spiralled further and further out of control, ultimately resulting in her resignation, and a collapse in opinion polling.

Co-leader James Shaw was left to lead the party by himself through to the election.

But now his own leadership is under threat, as he presently can’t get his hand out of his home garbage disposal unit.

“Look, guys, I was just… I was just trying to, god, I was just trying to crush some eggs, okay?” he said, speaking to media in underwear from his kitchen.

“I just, god, ugh,” he grunted, pulling on his arm with his free hand, “I just really don’t need this right now, okay? Honestly, I need a break.”

Asked how exactly his hand became so firmly wedged inside the unit, Shaw said he was trying to retrieve a small spoon from the mechanism.

He wasn’t discovered until this afternoon, and has been standing at the kitchen sink for nearly twelve hours.

Shaw says he has only cried “twice.”

The sole remaining co-leader of the Greens says he’s confident he will eventually free himself from the mechanism, but political commentators are saying it might be too late.

Serious questions are swirling around Shaw’s leadership, and whether he still has the practical or moral authority to lead the party.

“Make no mistake, this is very bad for James Shaw,” said Newshub political editor Patrick Gower on this evening’s broadcast. “With one co-leader gone, and another trapped in his kitchen, the Greens are in serious trouble tonight. This situation is nuclear.

A lot of Green supporters won’t want to hear this, but let me tell you this now: a man simply cannot lead a party with his hand stuck in a food disposal mechanism. It’s a disaster. He’s got to go.”

Gower said a Newshub-Reid Research poll, asking whether or not Shaw was “stupid” to get his hand stuck in his own sink, would be forthcoming.

But some commentators think the timing may be a blessing in disguise for Shaw.

“Really, the Greens are going to have to photoshop a lot of their current billboards anyway, what with Metiria leaving,” said Morgan Godfrey. “I really don’t see any reason they can’t just add the garbage disposal unit while they’re at it.”