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Sky chief John Fellett says customers shouldn’t expect “too much” from such a cheap package.

Sky’s new starter package just a cable in a box

Sky’s new starter package has disappointed some new subscribers, who have described the service as “just a cable in a box.” In an attempt to attract new customers, and slow the steady decline of its subscription base, New Zealand’s national satellite TV provider has offered a much cheaper entry package […]

And if thou gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.

Jeremy Wells can’t use own bathroom without being haunted by ghost of Mike Hosking

Jeremy Wells, co-host of Seven Sharp and Hauraki’s 3 hour morning sex advice segment, is finding it increasingly hard to sleep, as the ghost of Mike Hosking continually reappears in his bathroom. Friends of Wells say he has yet to determine whether the apparition lives in the bathroom itself, or […]

Studio cameras reveal the moment Simon Barnett discovers he’s been hosting a show for ten years with a fake Gary McCormick.

Simon Barnett devastated to learn his co-host of the last ten years isn’t the real Gary McCormick

MoreFM host Simon Barnett has been the victim of a deeply personal prank this morning, as he learned live on air that his co-host for the last ten years has not been the real Gary McCormick. McCormick joined Barnett on MoreFM’s breakfast programme in 2003, but departed in 2007, and […]

TVNZ producers have conceded they could’ve made their point without hurting “quite that many people”

Hundreds injured in Police Ten 7 police brutality special

Hundreds have suffered minor to moderate injuries as a result of last night’s controversial episode of Police Ten 7, a police brutality special that showcased the darker side of New Zealand law enforcement. The long-running show, which typically follows friendly police officers as they cordially dispense justice to yobbos and […]

New Zealand media will never be the same; Mike Hosking has finally achieved the perfect fold on his sleeves.

Mike Hosking finally done adjusting his sleeves

After several long years, Seven Sharp host Mike Hosking has finally finished adjusting his sleeves, feeling he’s got them “just right” for the moment. Last night on the show, Hosking suddenly interrupted a segment about children making their own toys out of peanut butter to tell co-host Toni Street about […]

Rove’s agent has pleaded with the public to have some sympathy for him, as it’s just that he “hasn’t been on TV for a while.”

‘Why the hell do I have the same three panelists?’ Rove erupts as he learns he isn’t hosting The Project permanently

Chaos and anger have erupted at MediaWorks studios this evening as noted Australian Rove McManus has showed up to film the show’s second episode, apparently believing himself to have been the permanent host of the programme. Rove was the first guest-host of Three’s latest attempt to smother current affairs to […]