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A man refused to be served by a black air hostess. What happened next will generate advertising revenue

A man refused to be served by a black air hostess. What happened next will generate advertising revenue

A long-haul flight from one city to another took an inspiring turn at some point in history, when a nasty man did a racist thing and eventually made a lot of advertising revenue for websites unable to produce their own content. The story, which no doubt you’ll enjoy once you […]

Could clouds like this one actually be aliens? Experts we spoke to said they are.

Lack of news calls for more pictures of lenticular clouds

A general lack of goings-on not relating to death or severe injury has seen news media demand for amateur pictures of lenticular clouds – colloquially known as might be aliens – dramatically increase this week. One News has reported a “significant” uptick in its use of quaint photographs of lenticular […]

Ka kite ano is a Maori phrase, that literally means “buy a fucking Mazda.”

Campbell signs off final show by going on reckless Mazda driving spree

Two schools are on fire and several are dead tonight after veteran broadcaster John Campbell signed off his final show by going on a reckless, alcohol-induced driving rampage in aid of Campbell Live’s official sponsor, Mazda. When the show returned from its final ad break on Friday night, Campbell was […]

John Key lists his top five movies and top five political leaders of the week on TV One’s Breakfast programme.

John Key signed to TVNZ as resident expert on politics, movies

Prime Minister John Key has been signed on to a 3-year fixed term contract as TVNZ’s go-to expert on political and cinematographic issues. The Prime Minister will be appearing regularly, as he has throughout the last six years, on One News’ nightly news broadcast, to give his informed take on […]

Road Cops does occasionally feature police on the pavement.

MediaWorks confirms reruns of Road Cops is its new current affairs show

TV3 owner MediaWorks has acknowledged this morning what many already suspected, that the previously slated interim replacement for Campbell Live – reruns of popular police-in-cars programme Road Cops – will in fact be permanent, and act as its 7pm current affairs show. Head of news Mark Jennings said that reruns […]

MediaWorks wants Campbell Live viewers to be assured that the company has “got the message.”

TV3 heeds public feedback; will replace Campbell Live with show about petitions

MediaWorks head of news and current affairs Mark Jennings says the company has been “listening closely” to public reaction over the potential axing of long-running 7pm show Campbell Live, and will be “heeding that feedback” as a consultation process moves forward. It was reported late yesterday afternoon that MediaWorks, which […]