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Fans of international pop sensation Lorde are feeling threatened by a series of other young singer-songwriters on TVNZ moneysink New Zealand’s Got Talent?

Lorde fans warn 16-year-old New Zealand’s Got Talent contestant to step off her territory

Young fans of New Zealand-based international sensation Lorde are taking to social media this week to warn 16-year-old singer-songwriter Natasha Alexandra to “back off” or “watch out” if she tries to steal the limelight. Alexandra, a student from Auckland’s Howick College, first appeared on TVNZ’s New Zealand’s Got Talent? last […]

Are video games influencing our children to run too many errands?

Are video games influencing our children to run too many errands?

Following the release of Rockstar’s latest installment in the critically-acclaimed Grand Theft Auto series, a familiar controversy is already beginning to heat up over whether it – and video games in general – are negatively influencing our youth by inspiring them to run countless unnecessary errands for people they barely […]

Players have described being unable to play the game after smashing a neighbour’s car window made them “feel just terrible.”

Grand Theft Auto V contains no disc; just a blunt object and a screwdriver

Gamers who purchased the newly-released Grand Theft Auto V, the latest in Rockstar’s critically acclaimed series of open-world video games, have been disappointed to learn that the product’s packaging does not contain a game disc, but rather nothing but a large blunt object and a screwdriver. In a manual that […]

Robin Thicke’s music video response to Auckland’s Law Revue Girls has gone viral on the internet, racking up millions of views in its first 24 hours.

Robin Thicke releases subversive parody of law students’ feminist video

American singer-songwriter Robin Thicke, along with rappers Pharrell Williams and T.I., have together released a subversive parody music video in which they present an absurd alternate reality where women are the subject of male objectification and sexual entitlement. The song, titled Blurred Lines, is a direct parody of a video […]

Presenter Alison Mau says it’s “nothing short of a miracle” that Seven Sharp will have another week on the air, saying she’s worked on “much better” shows that have been cancelled.

Seven Sharp celebrates another week without being cancelled

The presenters and crew of light current affairs programme Seven Sharp were relieved this afternoon to turn up for work and be told that they would still be going to air for at least another week. “Good news everybody!” said executive producer Raewyn Rasch as she walked onto the set. […]

Starting in October, Stuff.co.nz will be offering its non-celebrity news one hour late on an alternative website to cater for its readers who don’t want to absorb things too quickly.

Stuff.co.nz to introduce Stuff+1 with hour delay

Popular New Zealand news website Stuff.co.nz has announced plans to unveil a new version of its webpage that will feature news one hour later than it appears on the regular site. Stuff+1, modeled after the recent phenomenon of television channels TV One plus 1, TV3+1 and the upcoming TV2+1, will […]