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PICTURED: Lots of bananas

Five things you didn’t know about bananas because they aren’t true

The internet sure is a wonderful place. There’s so much to know! We’ve come a long way from the days where a teenager’s greatest learning experience on a computer was typing “vagina” into Encarta. Nowadays, when you type a naughty word into your search bar, the results are much better. […]

Last year, the average New Zealander began preloading for New Year’s Even in mid July.

Wellington man wonders whether he might as well just start preloading for New Year’s right now

Given the current state of his personal and financial affairs, and the growing certainty that nothing of note will happen between now and 2018, one Wellington man is beginning to wonder whether Saint Patrick’s Day is the perfect opportunity to just start preloading for New Year’s Eve right now. “It […]

An ancient Aztec health shop owner dispenses patented health foods to his well-nourished customers.

All natural: how the ancient Aztecs drank chia seed smoothies from their local wankshop

At this time of year, many of us are feeling the need to improve our diet following a long summer of binge drinking, overeating, drinking again in the morning to avoid a hangover, and waking up shitfaced in the middle of the road next to a dead animal of a […]

Thousands of South Island customers were left without power today, allowing them to rediscover the joys of sitting silently just praying it would all be over soon.

Power outage allows man to rediscover joy of walking around in circles aimlessly

A South Island-wide power outage today turned out to be a blessing in disguise for one Christchurch man who says it allowed him to find the time to rediscover his love of walking around aimlessly with no idea what to do with himself. Christopher Leon, 32, said he was left […]

Hastings gastro outbreak just marketing stunt to promote new documentary about Hastings gastro outbreak

Hastings gastro outbreak just marketing stunt to promote new documentary about Hastings gastro outbreak

What looked like an increasingly serious outbreak of a gastro illness caused by a contaminated water supply in Hastings’ Havelock North, has turned out to be nothing more than a publicity stunt by the makers of a new documentary about the outbreak. Following the launch of a Government inquiry into […]