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The Government  hopes to put an end to pedestrians recklessly joy-riding on the nation’s footpaths.

Crackdown on Lime Scooters: All pedestrians will be required to wear helmets

Ongoing safety concerns around Lime scooters in the streets of Auckland and Christchurch have today prompted a promise of action to prevent inevitable injuries and deaths attributed to the new technology. Complaints have been steady ever since the scooters hit New Zealand streets last week, with motorists and pedestrians alike […]

Expect to see these billboards popping up later this year.

Police hope to have speeding ticket gift vouchers available in time for Christmas

New Zealand Police say they now expect to have their latest revenue-raising measure in place by Christmas this year, providing a much-needed funding boost to the force. From December 15th, Kiwis will have the option of buying speeding ticket vouchers for friends or family, which can be used to pay […]

An unwitting tourist with cultural facemask takes a picture with a man he sincerely believes to be an All Black.

Serious Fraud Office investigating ring of serial fraudsters pretending to be All Blacks so they can take photos with tourists

In what the serious fraud office is describing as a “truly sick” case of stolen valour, a group of young but well-bodied men are travelling around New Zealand posing with tourists, pretending they’re real All Blacks. While some tourists were immediately suspicious after not being able to identify the men, […]

There are chaotic and deadly scenes on New Zealand’s roads this afternoon as children of all ages take cues from their idol, Dan Carter.

Dan Carter apology comes too late: thousands of kids already drink driving to emulate their hero

All Black great Dan Carter has apologised on Facebook this afternoon for being caught driving drunk in Paris, but police say it’s too little too late, as children from Reinga to Bluff are engaging in what they’re calling an “outbreak” of drink driving. “All across the country, it really is […]

Suspect leads police on harrowing 13-hour chase round Panmure roundabout

Suspect leads police on harrowing 13-hour chase round Panmure roundabout

Police have finally apprehended a man they suspect of drunk and dangerous driving, after he led them on an epic 13-hour chase around the iconic Panmure roundabout. Police began chasing the suspect, who several motorists had flagged as driving erratically, at around 8:50pm last night. The chase concluded this morning […]

Cedric Claude Rene Rault-Verpre says New Zealand is a painful reminder of when Hitler forced his ancestors to repair signs they had vandalised.

Angry French tourist may have a point, as historians say vandalism was also illegal in Nazi Germany

An angered French tourist who is being forced to pay $3,000 to repair a sign he vandalised in Punakaiki, is referring to New Zealand as “Nazi Zealand,” saying that the actions of the Greymouth District Court remind him of the oppression faced by his ancestors under the rule of Adolf […]