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Cedric Claude Rene Rault-Verpre says New Zealand is a painful reminder of when Hitler forced his ancestors to repair signs they had vandalised.

Angry French tourist may have a point, as historians say vandalism was also illegal in Nazi Germany

An angered French tourist who is being forced to pay $3,000 to repair a sign he vandalised in Punakaiki, is referring to New Zealand as “Nazi Zealand,” saying that the actions of the Greymouth District Court remind him of the oppression faced by his ancestors under the rule of Adolf […]

Bain has maintained for 22 years that he’s “pretty sure” he didn’t kill his family.

Government compensates David Bain with small gift bag, chocolates, and a new jersey

Convicted and subsequently unconvicted multiple murderer David Bain was today awarded what is being called “modest” compensation for his 13-year wrongful imprisonment. At a press conference this afternoon, Justice Minister Amy Adams confirmed that Bain would be receiving compensation for his “lengthy ordeal,” and hoped that some chocolates, a gift […]

The cone appears not only to be stuck up the tree, but also trapped inside this black circle.

Fairlie firefighters to be charged after inhumane treatment of cone stuck up tree

A group of Fairlie firefighters who attempted to dislodge a road cone from the top of a tree by blasting water at it, are set to be charged by police for cruelty against the cone, which remains stuck in the 50-metre high tree. The cone, which found itself trapped after […]

Police just trying to keep guns as far away from Barry Soper as possible

Police just trying to keep guns as far away from Barry Soper as possible

Police have stood by their decision to raid the home of TV3 reporter Heather du Plessis-Allan this morning, saying that, while the raid may have seemed heavy-handed, they only had the public’s best interests at heart, and were merely trying to keep any weapons as far away from du Plessis-Allan’s […]

Police and the GCSB have been closely monitoring one man for years, on the off chance he one day does something suspicious.

Man with no ties to any terror group being monitored by GCSB ‘just in case’

A Nelson man with no ties to any extremist group, and who poses no apparent threat to anyone, will continue to be monitored by the GCSB “just in case,” says Prime Minister John Key, who sees no immediate reason to remove him from the New Zealand terror watchlist. In the […]

Chris Cairns today (left) and in 2001 film Bridget Jones’s Diary (right).

Jury to analyse Chris Cairns’ behaviour in Bridget Jones’s Diary

The jury who will ultimately determine the outcome of Chris Cairns’ perjury trial will tomorrow be shown the full running length of 2001 film Bridget Jones’s Diary, as well as its sequel, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, both of which appear to show candid footage of Cairns as he […]