Maurice Williamson looking pretty stupid after floods

Maurice Williamson looking pretty stupid after floods

This article was the subject of a legal dispute between The Civilian and Conservative Party Leader Colin Craig, which came about as the result of a legal notice that you can read in full here. In this article, The Civilian published a statement which it attributed to Colin Craig regarding […]

John Minto could’ve sworn he didn’t buy a hundred microphones

John Minto curious to know why house full of tiny microphones

Veteran political activist John Minto is bemused this morning as he finds himself unable to explain the large number of tiny – sometimes hidden – microphones strewn throughout his Auckland home. Minto says he began finding the microphones early last week, but at the time he recalls there only being […]

A visual representation of what the church believes an extreme makeover cathedral might look like

Christchurch Cathedral to get extreme makeover

Christchurch residents are expressing great excitement this afternoon after international television distributor ABC announced that a special edition of its famous Extreme Makeover: Home Edition series would be coming to the quake-stricken city. The television show, which typically features a team of enthusiastic renovators building a personalized home for a […]

Scenes like these are set to become a thing of the past as police cease all speed monitoring operations for the remainder of 2013

Police fill speeding quota for year

Following a busy Easter weekend on the roads, New Zealand Police Commissioner Peter Marshall is quietly conceding that police have reached their nationwide quota of speeding tickets for the entire year of 2013. The quota, reportedly set at around 700,000, acts as both a target and a cap with regards […]

Auckland Airport to add new ‘crashed’ status to arrivals board

Auckland Airport to add new ‘crashed’ status to arrivals board

Auckland International Airport is today announcing that it will be overhauling its electronic arrival boards to give people more detailed information on the status of incoming flights. Amongst the changes is the addition of a new “crashed” status that will let anyone waiting for a flight know if their loved […]

EQC mistakenly deletes entire insurance record

EQC mistakenly deletes entire insurance record

Homeowners are suffering immeasurable stress this afternoon after news broke that the Earthquake and War Damage Commission mistakenly deleted the entire insurance record from the 2010 and 2011 Christchurch earthquakes. The loss happened during an attempt to clean up the privacy breach that occurred over the weekend, when insurance advocate […]