NCEA debacle perfect opportunity for smug adults to demonstrate superiority to children

NCEA debacle perfect opportunity for smug adults to demonstrate superiority to children

An NCEA exam that subjected Year 11 students to questions allegedly above their curriculum level has provided a welcome opportunity for smug adults to use the internet to demonstrate how much better they can perform tasks than a 15-year-old child. Grown men and women across the country were thrilled to […]

Pictured: the horrific scene many North Islanders awoke to this morning.

Horror: hundreds of shampoo bottles on their side

North Island residents and supermarket workers awoke to a deeply unsettling experience this morning, discovering that potentially hundreds of shampoo bottles at their local Countdown or Four Square were now lying on their side, some even totally inverted on the shelf below the one they were initially sitting on. Nathan […]

New Zealanders are switching KiwiSaver schemes today following revelations they might get more out of a scheme that invests in cluster bombs.

Kiwis just want to know whether their KiwiSaver investments in cluster bombs are doing well

Following media reports yesterday that at least five of nine KiwiSaver providers are investing in companies that make land mines and cluster bombs, the Green Party is calling on the government to review default providers, to ensure New Zealanders aren’t unwittingly putting their retirement savings toward inhumane weapons of war. […]

Small cardboard box sells for $150k in Auckland

Small cardboard box sells for $150k in Auckland

A small cardboard box in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn has sold for $150,000 this morning, setting a new high watermark for budget alternative housing in the city. The box, which features one bedroom, one kitchen, a bathroom, and a modest living area – all of which are the […]

Proponents of the initiative say that recent crowdfunding efforts have proven that the New Zealand public’s investment sense is “at least as good” as that of a centipede.

Crowdfunding initiative seeks to buy private house for all New Zealanders

A crowdfunding initiative on Givealittle is gaining steam this week, as 3200 kiwis have already pledged their money to help buy an Auckland home from a private seller, in the interests of giving it back to the country, and providing all New Zealanders with a chance to use it. The […]

Acknowledging that hepatitis A was not usually a sexually transmitted disease, the Government wanted to emphasize that sexual contact with frozen fruits was “probably not something that should be done anyway.”

After hepatitis berry scare, Government advising no one have sex with their berries

Following today’s revelation that contaminated, imported frozen berries had led several New Zealanders to fall ill with hepatitis A, the Government is advising people to avoid any overt sexual contact with their berries. The Ministry for Primary Industries today confirmed that there was a potential, though unconfirmed, risk of frozen […]