Sources close to party president Peter Goodfellow say he was totally blindsided by Collins’ claims he was party to this particular satanic ritual.

National Party board denies it unanimously agreed to Collins’ Faustian bargain with Satan

National Party president Peter Goodfellow is today issuing a strong denial on behalf of the party’s board, saying they did not, at any point, agree to the Faustian bargain that National leader Judith Collins struck with the Evil One, Son of Perdition, the Devil Satan himself. When Collins became the […]

Ardern has been crystal clear that New Zealand “must step up” its efforts if it is to successfully dodge questions about genocide in China.

Ardern says China differences ‘becoming harder to ignore’; promises to work harder on ignoring them

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told the Auckland Business Chamber on Monday that differences between New Zealand and China on human rights were “becoming more difficult” to reconcile or ignore, and today she acknowledged that this would mean her government will have to “step up” in “all areas” in order to […]

The Government is accusing National of scaremongering over a proposal to establish separate Māori governance in New Zealand, pointing to its long history of ignoring recommendations.

Collins warns Government is planning separatist New Zealand with special car parks and gender segregated bathrooms

National Party interim leader Judith Collins has deepened her attacks on the Government’s proposed Māori Health Authority this week, alleging that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s plot to “divide New Zealand in two” goes far beyond health, and will involve a series of additional measures that will create “two systems” in […]

Luxon says he’s a “happy camper” and will wait for Collins to do “whatever it is she still has to do.”

Christopher Luxon standing patiently outside Judith Collins’ office, tells her ‘let me know when you’re done’

Brand new National MP and former Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon has spent much of the past week standing at the front of a one-man line outside leader Judith Collins’ office, in his words, waiting for her to “finish up in there.” When Luxon arrives for work in the […]

A decision on a travel bubble date is set to be announced in two weeks, though the Prime Minister’s preamble on that day could as much as double the wait.

First phase of trans-Tasman bubble will see quarantine-free travel for Australia’s deportees

While New Zealanders eagerly anticipate Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s April 6th announcement on reopening to Australia, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has hinted what the earliest stages of a trans-Tasman travel bubble might look like. Both Prime Ministers have indicated the bubble may be introduced in a staggered manner, with […]

National are dismissing tonight’s election result as an “obvious outlier”

National rejects tonight’s result as a ‘rogue poll’

Half an hour into counting, National Party leader Judith Collins and deputy leader Gerry Brownlee are already dismissing tonight’s election result as a “rogue poll”, saying it’s an incomplete survey with shoddy methodology. Brownlee called an emergency media stand-up just 10 minutes ago to contest the results. “We don’t normally […]