Election 2017

A Gareth Morgan is a sort of polite harbinger of death that many believe heralds the end times.

Gareth Morgan promises a TOP coalition would raise Jacinda Ardern’s kids for her

In a bold campaign move this evening, Gareth Morgan has offered a helping hand to Jacinda Ardern, saying he’ll settle the question of her having children while Prime Minister once and for all. The Opportunities Party leader says that any Labour-led coalition that includes his party will benefit from Morgan […]

The moon – also known as the big cheese – is like a second Earth but with nothing on it.

How is Labour going to get this Andrew Little advertisement off the surface of the moon in time for election day?

Jacinda Ardern’s rise to the Labour leadership yesterday was widely perceived as necessary within the party, but changing leaders less than two months out from an election can come with it some unusual consequences and major headaches. Not least of all: what Labour is going to do about the enormous […]

We paid someone $780 for this.

Introducing The Civilian’s Election Special: How Will You Vote Will You Vote At All Will You Even Consider Voting for Gareth You Probably Shouldn’t – Part One

After three years of being forced to go about our regular lives, the election is finally here. And boy, what a start. Yes, you all know what we’re talking about: Bill English reminiscing about his English literature degree in Wellington tonight was a real hit with the voters. Is that […]