Prime Minister John Key announces there will be no capital gains tax

Prime Minister John Key announces there will be no capital gains tax

Prime Minister John Key had just spent the last two hours making phone calls and preparing the final touches to his capital gains announcement. The clock had just passed 2pm, and he was slightly late. Nothing to be worried about, though. Being late to a media engagement just gives them […]

The Government has moved swiftly to reassure kiwis they won't have to pay capital gains on family homes like these.

RELIEF: New Zealand businesses won’t have to pay capital gains on these family homes

Businesses across New Zealand are welcoming the recommendations of the Government’s Tax Working Group this evening, saying they’re pleased that initial indications seem to be that they won’t have to pay capital gains on any of their 40-storey, 120-bedroom, sometimes floating family homes. From Fonterra to 2degrees to Foodstuffs, CEOs […]

Judith Collins loses all control of host body

Judith Collins loses all control of host body

National MP Judith Collins is said to be panicking after her mind lost all control of one of its host bodies in the late hours of this morning. The body, apparently accelerating its programming by several years, went on a 50-minute press conference rampage, accusing leader Simon Bridges of everything […]

Numbers notably don't indicate whether it's the business owners or if the businesses themselves are sad.

Government will provide therapy for business owners to help them feel more confident

In an attempt to ease plummeting business confidence, the not-Labour-led Government says it plans to spend some of its unexpectedly large surplus on therapy for those business owners who are not feeling so confident right now. Finance Minister Grant Robertson said he was “deeply saddened” to see how much confidence […]

Former Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran may have lost her job, but she survives another day without being fired from it.

Ardern reaffirms that she still won’t be firing Clare Curran

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is holding firm today, saying she still won’t be firing Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran, even after accepting her resignation. Curran, who resigned yesterday following a decision to do so Thursday night, had struggled to answer questions this week about her use of a gmail account, fuelling […]

Sorry Phil Goff. Free speech strikes again.

Far-right speaking event cancelled again, but ‘Phil Goff is a prick’ event to go ahead at council venues

The long-planned Phil Goff is a Gigantic Prick Festival is set to go ahead at multiple council-owned venues tonight, a welcome relief for the organiser, who worried a pair of far-right Canadian speakers would threaten his completely unrelated and otherwise peaceful triennial event. Kevin Henare, who has no association with […]