One of these men is New Zealand’s Prime Minister. Which one is anyone’s guess.

Kaikoura locals engage in vigorous debate about which man at table is Prime Minister

A group of locals at a small Kaikoura café became locked in a vigorous debate today when Bill English made his first visit in his capacity as Prime Minister. English sat down for a coffee with four other men, one of whom was Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee. Patrons seated […]

Bill English – The Prime Minister who was there

Bill English – The Prime Minister who was there

When John Key anointed Bill English as his successor, he was confident in his own mind of exactly why: because he was a man who was there. Indeed, for his entire life, Bill English has been a man who was there. He first rose to the leadership of the National […]

Remembering John Key – A Civilian special feature

Remembering John Key – A Civilian special feature

Yesterday afternoon, at roughly 2:50pm, John Key ceased to be Prime Minister of New Zealand. Before he left Wellington for the last time, he packed up his Beehive office, and ceremonially pranked Bill English by leaving framed pictures of women’s ankles that he knew would rattle him. He then made […]

PICTURED: Bill English regales media with tales of a “pretty crazy” night in.

Bill English celebrated last night by using twice the amount of Listerine he usually does

Incoming Prime Minister Bill English celebrated his ascension to the highest office in the land last night by cheekily knocking back twice the amount of Listerine he usually uses before his 10pm bedtime. English acknowledged that he may have gone a “bit wild” during celebrations last night, but said that […]

Incoming Prime Minister Bill English is feeling little pressure about the upcoming election, knowing that he can’t possibly do worse than last time.

20.9% of country thrilled

The 20.9% of New Zealanders that voted for Bill English to be Prime Minister in 2002 are finally set to see their dreams become a reality, as he accidentally stumbles his way into office on Monday. The other two leadership contenders, Jonathan Coleman and the voice of darkness that haunts […]

Uh oh! Has John Key given nearly enough thought to hiding his browsing habits from his successors?

Careless? John Key left himself just one week to clear the browser history from all his Beehive computers

Whoops! John Key might be regretting this one. If his resignation as leader of New Zealand seemed to be going too smoothly, something’s cropped up to put a real spanner in the works now. Sources close to the Prime Minister think he’s failed to account for how long it might […]