Peters has repeatedly asked staff to investigate whether there are any Russian cigars.

Government to ban vodka in desperate attempt to look like it’s doing something about Russia

Foreign Minister Winston Peters has held a press conference on very short notice this afternoon, to announce that the government will be seeking a blanket ban on vodka and related products. The move is a transparent attempt to make the government look like it’s doing something about Russia, in the […]

The number of Russian spies in New Zealand isn’t even as high as the population of Palmerston North.

Preliminary census results show that Russian spies only make up 1.3% of New Zealand population

Some vindication for the Prime Minister and her foreign minister today, as leaked census data shows that the number of Russian spies in New Zealand is relatively small, as compared to the general population. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, along with Foreign Minister Winston Peters, have been under fire this week […]

In 2018, identity politics is everything, as National scrambles to appeal to former head boys with a keen interest in electric vehicles.

National hopes Simon Bridges will broaden its appeal to other young, Māori former Cabinet ministers

In its embrace of what has come to be known as a “generational shift,” the opposition National Party hopes that its election of Simon Bridges as leader will help attract voters who, like Bridges, are young, Māori and former Cabinet ministers with wide experience across a range of portfolios. “I […]

National’s Todd McClay said the meeting was “robust” at times but the outcome was “much better” than they had anticipated.

Winston Peters said nothing in talks with National, just walked around room with a box cutter

Details have emerged of yesterday’s preliminary coalition meeting between National and New Zealand First, with confirmed reports that Winston Peters did not utter a word during the thirty minute meeting, to which he arrived late. As Prime Minister Bill English – accompanied by Gerry Brownlee and Steven Joyce – sat […]

The fuck is this?

Look what you’ve done, New Zealand

Look what you’ve done. Look at it. Don’t pretend you don’t know what that is. You know exactly what it is. That is exactly what it looks like, and you knew exactly what you were doing. Don’t laugh. It’s not funny. How many times? How many times have you been […]

This woman, identified as Labour leader Jacinda Ardern, spent today walking around Auckland malls shaking people’s hands and picking up their children.

Skirting the law: Was it legal for Jacinda Ardern to walk around malls all day wearing a bag over her head?

The Electoral Commission says it’s investigating complaints that Labour leader Jacinda Ardern spent most of election day walking around malls, meeting supporters and shaking hands. Her activity – which strongly resembles campaigning – would be illegal under electoral law, but it is understood Ms. Ardern took the significant precaution of […]