Morgan says he doesn’t regret the stunt, but would perhaps make the glass a “tad less strong next time.”

Political stunt backfires: Gareth Morgan trapped in glass case for days after no one realises he’s missing

In a Waitangi Day political stunt that didn’t go quite to plan, Gareth Morgan has been trapped inside a glass case for the whole week, after nobody realised he was missing or went to find him. On Monday, Morgan intentionally enclosed himself in the case to promote his new Opportunities […]

English is said not to be introducing himself when answering the phone, timidly asking “Hello?” in an attempt to make sure of who it is.

Bill English coming dangerously close to a heart attack every time he answers the phone

There are growing concerns about the Prime Minister’s health today as staff report that his stress levels are reaching breaking point, and he appears visibly startled and frightened every time his phone rings. Bill English has been expecting an important phone call sometime this week, but there is a lack […]

English also declined to commit to a favourite colour, though emphasised he certainly does like colours, and would continue to use them.

English: up to ‘others to decide’ whether ethnic cleansing is wrong, but ‘certainly not the direction we plan to take’

Apparently Prime Minister Now Bill English has offered a strong rebuke of the notion of ethnic cleansing today, saying that while he could not himself weigh in on whether or not it would be wrong or even racist, his Government certainly “disagrees with it” and it “won’t be the direction […]

One of these men is New Zealand’s Prime Minister. Which one is anyone’s guess.

Kaikoura locals engage in vigorous debate about which man at table is Prime Minister

A group of locals at a small Kaikoura café became locked in a vigorous debate today when Bill English made his first visit in his capacity as Prime Minister. English sat down for a coffee with four other men, one of whom was Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee. Patrons seated […]

Bill English – The Prime Minister who was there

Bill English – The Prime Minister who was there

When John Key anointed Bill English as his successor, he was confident in his own mind of exactly why: because he was a man who was there. Indeed, for his entire life, Bill English has been a man who was there. He first rose to the leadership of the National […]

Remembering John Key – A Civilian special feature

Remembering John Key – A Civilian special feature

Yesterday afternoon, at roughly 2:50pm, John Key ceased to be Prime Minister of New Zealand. Before he left Wellington for the last time, he packed up his Beehive office, and ceremonially pranked Bill English by leaving framed pictures of women’s ankles that he knew would rattle him. He then made […]