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Scientists are concerned whale civilizations will never advance if we stop sending them plastic bags.

Recent whale sightings in Wellington may just be whales trying to stockpile plastic bags

Department of Conservation experts believe that recent sightings of Southern right whales in Wellington Harbour may be related to the upcoming plastic bag ban that will be implemented by the government. Southern right whales have been spotted in the harbour twice this year in a relatively short space of time, […]

Infected users are beginning to panic this evening as English appears unwilling to disclose exactly what is in the pizza, or where the uphill bits are.

Ransomware virus will only unlock users’ computers if Bill English hands over secret family pizza recipe

Many of the nation’s businesses are at a standstill this evening as a ransomware virus that locks users out of their computers rapidly spreads across the country. The virus, named WannaPiece, encrypts users’ files so they can’t be accessed, and threatens not to decrypt them unless Prime Minister Bill English […]

Take that, Australia!

Amazing discovery: New Zealand is part of an enormous underwater land mass called Earth

People tend to think of New Zealand as a tiny little country tucked away in the corner of the globe, much smaller than continents like Australia, Europe, or Asia. But a groundbreaking new discovery suggests that couldn’t be further from the truth, with prominent geologists saying that the islands we […]

A gathering of scientists in Brussels has proposed that our Earth is one of many occupying different streams of time, and that our stream of time – once in the normal temporal flow – has dramatically verged into a bizarro stream that it’s paramount we escape.

Scientists believe world veered off into bizarro timestream sometime in mid-June

A gathering of real scientists in Brussels this week has concluded, after months of careful analysis, that the reality we are currently experiencing diverged from the normal timestreams in which it usually resides, and veered into a “bizarro” timestream sometime around mid-June of this year. The Brussels conference was called […]

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station report being able to see the message that Gary McCormick did nothing wrong all the way from orbit.

Incredible pictures: aerial footage shows quake cracks spell out ‘Gary McCormick did nothing wrong’

One of New Zealand’s most respected geologists, Bishop Brian Tamaki, tells us that earthquakes are God’s mouthpiece, and we may just be seeing evidence of that in new pictures released today by GNS Science. GNS has been conducting an extensive survey of the northern half of the South Island in […]

New map shows what world REALLY looks like: Australia doesn’t even exist!

New map shows what world REALLY looks like: Australia doesn’t even exist!

The traditional map of the world, known as the Mercator map, may be the most often seen image of our planet, but it is also fraught with problems, and is considered to be highly inaccurate. This is largely because of a distortion effect that occurs as a result of the […]