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Apple’s iPhone 6 promises to be invulnerable to stabbing, but will it stand up to a blow-torch or an industrial grinder?

Stab-proof iPhone glass can still be beaten in with blunt end

Critics reviewing early alpha versions of the much-anticipated iPhone 6 have been disappointed to discover that the phone’s glass – which had been touted by Apple as “stab-proof” – is still able to be beaten in and smashed with the blunt end of the knife over a period of half […]

Hockley's research also found that those using hospital beds were significantly more likely to have cancer than those who do not use hospital beds.

Study reveals people with cancer more likely to have cancer

A University of Otago study has found that people with cancer are significantly more likely to have cancer than other members of the population. The research, ‘Prevalence of cancer in cancer-afflicted individuals’, highlighted the importance of not having cancer in avoiding the risks presented by cancer. “100 per cent of […]

Experts say only thing botulism kills is spying scandal

Experts say only thing botulism kills is spying scandal

Prominent medical experts say that even in the unlikely event that Fonterra’s contaminated whey product did cause botulism in some children, the risk of their death is exceedingly low, and the only thing that botulism is a real threat to is coverage of a major spying scandal involving the New […]

Scientists believe that the world’s first fully automated killer robot is suffering a harrowing existential crisis.

Killer robot won’t stop killing itself

An autonomous killer robot being developed by South Korea is facing an unusual series of hurdles this week as its manufacturers struggle to figure out how to prevent it from killing itself. The first prototype of the robot, which is being developed for the South Korean military by weapons technology […]

Mark Zuckerberg announces a plan to make Facebook friends less annoying by limiting their ability to say things.

Facebook to limit statuses to 140 characters

Social media giant Facebook has announced plans to follow in the footsteps of micro-blogging site Twitter and limit statuses and comments posted by its users to no more than 140 characters. The move, which Facebook hopes will streamline the site and satisfy users’ needs for less substantive discussion, will take […]

Kevin Fenaughty points at some squiggly lines that showed up on his thingamy when the number happened.

Relatively large number occurs off coast of Pacific island

Geologists from GNS Science have reported that a reasonably large number has occurred this morning off the coast of “one of several” Pacific islands where those sorts of things tend to happen. The number, which was felt only by people on micro-blogging site Twitter, was somewhere between 6 and 8, […]