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Kevin Fenaughty points at some squiggly lines that showed up on his thingamy when the number happened.

Relatively large number occurs off coast of Pacific island

Geologists from GNS Science have reported that a reasonably large number has occurred this morning off the coast of “one of several” Pacific islands where those sorts of things tend to happen. The number, which was felt only by people on micro-blogging site Twitter, was somewhere between 6 and 8, […]

Dreams are real, say scientists

Dreams are real, say scientists

A group of scientists at Boston’s Harvard Medical School say they’ve made the stunning discovery that dreams are not, as once thought, a series of abstract sensations, images and sounds that occur during sleep, but rather demonstrably real events that take place in an alternate universe that can only be […]

Telecom urges customers to solve Yahoo!Xtra issues by not using Yahoo!Xtra

Telecom urges customers to solve Yahoo!Xtra issues by not using Yahoo!Xtra

Telecom is responding to the latest in a series of problems with its troubled Yahoo!Xtra email service by suggesting that customers cease using it altogether. The last few weeks have seen the service plagued by a torrent of spam emails targeted at more than 60,000 of its 450,000 email users, […]

New Zealand’s endemic bird species will soon be subjected to 24 hours of non-stop hip hop music every day for more than two months

New study to measure effect of hip hop music on native birds

The Department of Conversation has authorized a groundbreaking new study that plans to examine what effect modern hip hop music will have on New Zealand’s native birds. The study, being conducted in partnership with the University of Waikato, will see the installation of hundreds of high-power stereo systems in various […]

Dr. Anthony Poole doesn’t see why this kiwi (left) isn’t just “a tiny, baby version” of this moa (right)

‘What if kiwi are just tiny moa?’ asks biologist

A Christchurch biologist sent shockwaves throughout the scientific community Tuesday when he posed a groundbreaking question at a conference of lecturers at the University of Canterbury. The conference was a routine event held by lecturers to facilitate the sharing of research between colleagues, but it took a surprising turn when […]