Today in History

The Prime Minister’s unfortunate history with alcohol should be a lesson to us all this Saint Patrick’s Day.

Today in History: The time Bill English lost the election because he got carried away and had half a beer on St. Patrick’s Day

It was March of 2002. Then-not-Prime Minister Bill English had only recently inherited the leadership of the National Party, having wrestled it from Jenny Shipley in a brutal and unforgiving game of lawn bowls. His goal now was to do the improbable, and unseat a relatively composed first term Labour […]

Historians still aren’t sure whether the Hastings Post Office was damaged in the quake, or whether it was built like this.

Today in History: How the 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake left the region without internet for 60 years

When last week’s 7.8 earthquake hit, a lot of unfortunate New Zealanders had to go without internet access for hours, leaving them unable to watch porn or post animal stickers in Facebook messenger. It was pretty rough, but before you feel too sorry for yourself, spare a thought for the […]