Those concerned for Langridge's wellbeing say they hope he'll change his mind when he sees the ocean coming.

Protester standing outside Parliament every day until climate action accepts he will eventually drown

The protester who has vowed to stand outside Parliament every day until the Government announces a climate emergency says he accepts that his quest will most likely end in drowning. Ollie Langridge, who has been standing outside Parliament for around 80 days now, says he wants the Government to declare […]

Kiwis could be fined up to $7,000 just for mentioning Palmerston North.

Nation to begin process of hiding Palmerston North for Harry and Meghan visit

New Zealand will tomorrow begin its traditional process of hiding the city of Palmerston North in advance of a royal visit. On Sunday, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, will arrive in New Zealand with his newlywed wife Meghan Markle, who is by an incredible coincidence the Duchess of Sussex. A […]

And it’s probably our fault, say weatherologists.

For first year on record, New Zealand weather more miserable than New Zealand humans

In a report to be issued on Friday, New Zealand’s national forecaster is set to announce that for the first year on record, the country’s weather is well on track to being even more miserable than its humans. “What we’re seeing is quite extraordinary, actually,” said MetService meteorologist Lisa Murray. […]

Experts say this week's event will be remembered as the Big Cloud of 2017.

MetService apologises for mistaking cloud for cyclone

New Zealand’s national weather forecasting service has apologised to the country today for misforecasting a large cloud as a potentially catastrophic cyclone, formerly known as Cook, or the media-coined Cyclone 2: Many Cook spoils the Beach. The initial forecast – which predicted the worst storm since 1968 – sent New […]

PICTURED: Cyclone 2: Many Cook spoils the Beach

After much deliberation over catchy ways to refer to storm, media settles on ‘Cyclone 2: Many Cook spoils the Beach’

The open deliberation over how to refer to Cyclone Cook in media reports has been days in the process, with some referring to it as the Cookopalypse, while the New Zealand Herald pitched in with its suggestion of the “Cookie Monster.” But as of tonight, while the storm travels south, […]

Weather is a thing that determines what the sky is like.

TVNZ measuring strength of storm in different locations by how wet and injured their reporters become

Tonight, as Cyclone Cook barrels into the East Coast of the upper North Island, TVNZ have stationed more than a dozen reporters in different parts of the country, in an effort to measure the effects of the storm based on how wet and damaged said journalists become. From Auckland all […]