Christopher Luxon standing patiently outside Judith Collins’ office, tells her ‘let me know when you’re done’

Luxon says he’s a “happy camper” and will wait for Collins to do “whatever it is she still has to do.”

Luxon says he’s a “happy camper” and will wait for Collins to do “whatever it is she still has to do.”

Brand new National MP and former Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon has spent much of the past week standing at the front of a one-man line outside leader Judith Collins’ office, in his words, waiting for her to “finish up in there.”

When Luxon arrives for work in the morning, he makes his way to the Leader of the Opposition’s office, where he stands in the hall perpendicular to the door, arms crossed in front of him, in what many have described as a “waiting pose.”

On Monday, Luxon told Collins to “let me know when you’re done using this. I’ll use this after you.”

Collins insisted she was still using it, and would be for “some time.”

“That’s fine,” replied Luxon. “No hurry. Just let me know when you’re done.”

As the days go by, Collins’ reaction to the situation has evolved from mild bemusement to genuine irritation. Those close to the National Party leader say that she expected at some point he would get bored, or move on to something else, but every time she comes and goes, there Luxon remains, rocking backwards and forwards on his feet and occasionally checking his watch.

Midday on Wednesday, Collins walked out of her office, only to be met with a blunt question from a still energetic, beaming Luxon.

“You done?” he asked.

“No, I’m just going for lunch.”

“Okay,” he said, giving her a big smile and spirited thumbs up. “Enjoy!”

When she returned, she told Luxon they needed to talk.

“Oh, look, I understand,” he said, before she could even explain. “But really, I could use it at any time, I mean, I’m ready. I just didn’t want to use it if you hadn’t finished with it yet. No worries.”

That conversation went nowhere, but the situation reportedly reached a head yesterday afternoon, when Collins could no longer take the former Air New Zealand boss standing watch outside.

“Alright, Chris, honestly, you’re going to have to leave, I’m asking you to leave,” she said to him.

Luxon stared blankly at Collins, eyelids flapping and face slightly contorted as he attempted to process this.

“I don’t really have anything else to do,” he said. “I’ll just wait. It’s no problem, honestly.”

Collins has sought to punish Luxon for insubordination, but many MPs have implored her to relax, and reassured her that what he’s doing is not tantamount to a coup.

“There’s no disloyalty there, there’s no coup being formed,” said the National MP for Pakuranga, who wished to remain anonymous. “He’s doing the right thing. He’s just waiting his turn.”

Luxon reiterated this in a series of comments this afternoon.

“Absolutely correct,” he said. “I just need to use this, I’m standing here waiting to use it, but Judith is using it at the moment, that’s fine.”

Luxon paused and looked at his watch.

“She sure is taking her time in there, though, I will say that.”