Holy shit

Motherfucking Christ on a stick.

Motherfucking Christ on a stick.

Holy shit. Jesus fucking Christ. Holy fuck. What the fuck?

As the United States presidential election drew to a close tonight, holy fuck. After a year and a half of campaigning, primary elections, presidential debates and rallies, the closing hours of the campaign proved to be the most what the actual fuck is happening? In an unlikely turn of events, oh my fucking god.

Voters around the country turned out in record numbers to fucking hell.

While many states, including Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan proved to be close contests, good fucking god.

As the end result became clearer on Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton phoned Donald Trump personally to concede the race, and tell him “Holy shit.”

Just half an hour later, now-Vice-President-elect Mike Pence took the stage at a New York victory party to introduce Donald Trump, telling the audience “Fucking hell. Holy fuck.”

The crowd at the Trump event was jubilant, repeatedly chanting “USA!” and “What the fuck?”

President-elect Donald Trump followed with a historic victory speech, seeking to unify the country by telling America that he would be “a President.”

“Holy fuck,” he began. “Jesus fucking Christ. What is even happening?”

The crowd erupted in cheers, with many crying, telling nearby journalists they had thought it “just a joke,” and “didn’t expect this to actually happen, what the fuck?”

“Holy shit,” said one Trump supporter. “Fucking hell.”

“Jesus Christ,” another agreed. “What the fuck have we just done?”

The final result largely reflects what election analysts have been saying for weeks, including fivethirtyeight’s Nate Silver, who projected the race would be decided by “Holy motherfucking shit.”