How is Labour going to get this Andrew Little advertisement off the surface of the moon in time for election day?

The moon – also known as the big cheese – is like a second Earth but with nothing on it.

The moon – also known as the big cheese – is like a second Earth but with nothing on it.

Jacinda Ardern’s rise to the Labour leadership yesterday was widely perceived as necessary within the party, but changing leaders less than two months out from an election can come with it some unusual consequences and major headaches.

Not least of all: what Labour is going to do about the enormous advertisement they purchased on the surface of the moon.

The advertisement, which covers a significant portion of the lunar landscape, was intended to leave a lasting impression on voters, particularly those who viewed it through a telescope.

Ardern, appearing on Duncan Garner’s AM Show this morning, conceded it was one of the things “we’ve really got to think about now.”

“How much did that cost?” asked Garner. “That surely mustn’t have been cheap.”

“Uh, look, uh, you know, I don’t really want to tell you,” she said. “Our budgeting is our own internal business.”

“Surely this was a mistake, though?”

“Well, as you know Duncan, I’ve had less than 24 hours in the job, so I think people would understand if I just took the next 72 hours to take stock, and just take a step back and say ‘Okay, holy fuck, there’s a giant ad on the moon.’”

Labour MP Stuart Nash told media today the reason he was so opposed to leadership change this week was mostly to do with “the moon ad.”

“Obviously the fucking moon ad,” he said. “It took us months to get that up there. A man died.”

Nash said the party would be paying off the advertisement “for years,” and essentially left them without the money to replace any other advertising.

“It’s a disaster, and it’s even worse for Andrew,” he said. “He often deals with difficult times by taking a walk at night and looking up at the moon. How do you think he feels now?”

Not all may be lost, however. If this and other advertisement cannot be removed in time, Ardern said she would consider getting cosmetic surgery to look more like Andrew Little.