Jeremy Wells can’t use own bathroom without being haunted by ghost of Mike Hosking

And if thou gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.

And if thou gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.

Jeremy Wells, co-host of Seven Sharp and Hauraki’s 3 hour morning sex advice segment, is finding it increasingly hard to sleep, as the ghost of Mike Hosking continually reappears in his bathroom.

Friends of Wells say he has yet to determine whether the apparition lives in the bathroom itself, or whether it actually exists within the confines of his soul, manifesting itself in his most private moments.

The broadcaster’s first brush with the ghost of his predecessor came the morning after his first night hosting TV One’s flagship current affairs show. Wells briefly looked up to the mirror while brushing his teeth, and for a split second swore he could’ve seen Hosking scrubbing away in his place.

Friends say what he initially wrote off as a vague, split-second hallucination appeared to be something more when he had another encounter during a bath the following night.

As he slipped into his bath on the Wednesday evening, he was met with Hosking bathing directly opposite him, their lower legs overlapping in a knowing, almost familial way.

Hosking took a sip from a large glass of pinot noir and stared into the depths of Jeremy’s eyes.

“Goodness me,” Wells recalls having said calmly, before stepping out of the bath to see Hosking had vanished.

Things escalated further this week when Wells showed up to TVNZ studios wearing a slightly tattered pair of jeans worn out at the knees, and even further on Thursday night when he appeared on the show in an eccentric, asymmetrical blazer.

“Interesting outfit,” remarked co-host Hilary Barry as they went to air.

“Oh, wow,” responded Wells, looking down to inspect his chest with a look of genuine surprise. “I’m not sure how this got here.”

Wells has also reported that his fingers now become restless and shaky when not holding a pen.