Jerry Collins locks self in jail cell, won’t come out

Jerry Collins says he'll do whatever it takes to protect his family

Jerry Collins says he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his family

Former All Black Jerry Collins has locked himself in a Japanese jail cell and is this morning refusing to come out.

Japanese police in the city of Hamamatsu, where Collins is being held, have been trying to get him out of the cell since he locked himself in there late last night, but the Yahama Jubilo player has insisted he is “too scared” and doesn’t want to leave.

Collins’ removal is part of a routine shift and authorities have promised him that his new cell will be substantially nicer than his current one. But Collins isn’t buying the story, privately telling media that he believes “it’s a fucking trap; swear to god, it’s a trap.”

Collins was originally arrested just over a week ago after being caught in possession of a 17cm knife, which he claimed was a means of self defense after he expressed a fear of being stalked by a Brazilian gang with which he’d had a “misunderstanding.”

“So me and my mate Moses were just doing a routine job for the boys” said Collins, referring to fellow Jubilo player Mose Tuiali’i. “No nonsense, no nothin’. Simple, you understand? Everything was going smooth, right? Next thing you know? Boom, two bodies. Misunderstanding. Who can you trust? No one.”

Since then, Collins’ story has changed multiple times, with the Brazilian gang being replaced at various times by samurai, the CIA and the alien race Protoss from popular video game Starcraft.

When Collins was first arrested, he told TV3’s Campbell Live that he was relieved, but over the last few days, he has grown increasingly uncomfortable with his new circumstances. Police report that Collins has been exhibiting some extremely strange behaviour, including sealing his windows shut with Blu-Tack and having seemingly voluntary seizures on top of his television set.

Asked when and under what circumstances he would leave, Collins replied “Never.”

Police have tried numerous methods to coax Collins out, but so far nothing has been successful.

“We tried hitting him with a broom, and uhhh…kicking him” said one officer at the station. “But that didn’t work. So we’ll leave him for now, and try again tomorrow.”

Hamamatsu Chief of Police Tomoko Johnston described Collins as “extremely uncooperative” but expressed confidence that he would come out once they offered him a “tasty burger.”