John Minto curious to know why house full of tiny microphones

John Minto could’ve sworn he didn’t buy a hundred microphones

John Minto could’ve sworn he didn’t buy a hundred microphones

Veteran political activist John Minto is bemused this morning as he finds himself unable to explain the large number of tiny – sometimes hidden – microphones strewn throughout his Auckland home.

Minto says he began finding the microphones early last week, but at the time he recalls there only being one or two.

“I figured I must have bought them and hidden them in my tea cups” he said.

But since then Minto has found more than a hundred microphones at his address, and is starting to wonder how they all got there.

“So you find a tiny little microphone in your free trade coffee” said Minto. “And you think ‘right, that’s normal.’ Certainly nothing you wouldn’t expect. But then you open your refrigerator and there’s this big dangly one wrapped around the milk. It’s at that point you say to yourself ‘Hm, is there something going on here?’”

Minto conceded that it was possible that he did, in fact, own the microphones and had simply forgotten about them.

“Well, yeah, that’s definitely a possibility. I was pretty sure I didn’t own all those microphones, but not completely certain. I suppose I’m not really sure what else would explain it.”

Minto’s predicament is giving food for thought to others who have had similar experiences, such as former Green MP Keith Locke, who said that the news would cause him to reassess the large beeping surveillance cameras on the four corners of his bedroom ceiling, which he had previously written off as “just part of the house.”