Libertarians unsure whether to care about death of Margaret Thatcher

Libertarians are divided on whether caring about Thatcher’s death will advance their standing in the free market

Libertarians are divided on whether caring about Thatcher’s death will advance their standing in the free market

Libertarians across the world are experiencing confusion this morning as they find themselves unsure of how to respond to the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Thatcher has long been a hero in libertarian circles for her neoliberal reforms in Britain during the 1980s, but those same libertarians are now unsure whether their strict philosophy of personal interest and individualism, as laid out by novelist Ayn Rand, allows them to care about the death of somebody they don’t know.

“Obviously if she had died while she was Prime Minister, we would care” said director of the British Libertarian Alliance Sean Gabb. “Because at the time, it was in our best interests that she remained Prime Minister. But she hasn’t done anything for years now.”

22 year old James Grimshaw, a libertarian from Manchester, similarly wondered how Thatcher’s death contributed to his own social and financial wellbeing.

“It doesn’t seem to directly benefit me in any way” he said. “I won’t be watching her funeral.”

Others were less certain on the subject.

“It’s quite tricky for us, as you have to understand” said 19 year old libertarian student Arnold Baxter. “On the one hand, Thatcher did more for our movement than anyone else in England ever has, but at the same time, Ayn Rand teaches us that society functions best when we all act in our own self-interest.”

He added that the decision was made even more difficult by the fact that most libertarians weren’t alive when Thatcher was Prime Minister.

“We have no actual idea what it was like” he said.

Here in New Zealand, Leader of ACT John Banks has already upset many in his party’s libertarian base by paying tribute to Thatcher and expressing emphatic sympathy for her family.

“The death of Margaret Thatcher is a sad and terrible thing” said a sincere John Banks in a statement released this morning. “Our thoughts and prayers are with her family today, and we hope that her great accomplishments and loyal service to her country, and the world, are never forgotten.”

“I really feel like Banks overstepped the mark” said Vice President of ACT on Campus Guy McCallum. “He should learn to be more careful with his words, particularly at times like these.”

New Zealand’s own neoliberal reformer, former Finance Minister Roger Douglas, was a bit blunter about the subject.

“Of course we don’t give a shit” he said.