Lou Reed fan admits he hates his music, ‘now that he’ll never know’

One of Lou Reed’s biggest fans has conceded that his music was “awful”, but doesn’t regret waiting until now to say so.

One of Lou Reed’s biggest fans has conceded that his music was “awful”, but doesn’t regret waiting until now to say so.

One of the world’s biggest fans of now-deceased musician Lou Reed has confessed that he actually hates his music, but was scared to admit it, fearing that the cult rock icon would be offended.

48-year-old Belgian man Thomas Vandenberghe, who owns and operates the Lou Reed fan forum RealGoodTimeTogether, says he first started listening to the musician’s most famous project, The Velvet Underground, in the late 1980s.

“I got a bit carried away,” he admitted to local media today. “It was just a bit of a phase really, but I took it too far. I thought Lou was a god. I made paintings of him and hung them up around my walls. I formed a local fan club where we’d all get together at my house and sit around listening to songs and talking about how they were about things they probably weren’t about. My wife hated it.”

“Wait, no, I probably shouldn’t say that,” he added. “I’ve never had a wife.”

Vandenberghe says he first realised he wasn’t actually that fond of Reed’s music “a year or two later,” but by that point it was already too late.

“By that point I was already well established in the fan community,” he explained. “I’ve never actually met Lou Reed, but I was afraid that it would somehow get back to him, so I just kept going, and to be honest, I didn’t really know what else to do with my life.”

“The Velvet Underground was a fucking awful band,” said Vandenberghe. “They were a commercial failure in the 60s, and that was for a reason. But it’s cool to like things that aren’t popular. Which is very ironic, and hard to maintain because it’s inherently contradictory.”

Vandenberghe said he didn’t feel bad rubbishing Reed’s music just one day after his death.

“What do you mean it’s not sensitive?” he asked. “This is the most sensitive time to criticise Lou Reed. They say you never speak ill of the dead, but that doesn’t make any fucking sense now, does it? He’s dead. You can’t hurt him.

“What’s the point in being mean to someone their whole life and then only be nice to them when it doesn’t matter anymore? What kind of cruel world do we live in?”