Mark Richardson accidentally outs self as human

Mark Richardson appeared visibly unsettled after an unguarded moment on live television.

Mark Richardson appeared visibly unsettled after an unguarded moment on live television.

Viewers of +HR=E’s The AM Show were left stunned this morning and wondering whether they’d heard correctly, after co-host Mark Richardson mistakenly outed himself as capable of contrition, self-reflection and some tiny semblance of humanity.

Richardson let the shock revelation slip by making an ostensibly genuine apology to stand-in host Ryan Bridge for a remark he’d made earlier in the show.

The gesture was wildly out of character, and many were left wondering whether he’d realized he was on air when he did it.

Fellow hosts Bridge and Amanda Gillies laughed nervously as Mark unintentionally revealed a vaguely human part of himself for all the world to see.

Producers gave each other concerned looks, and discussed whether they should go to an ad break.

Richardson was forced to address the incident when they returned to air.

“Look, I just want to say, if you caught what was said before on the show, yes, it’s true, I have some capacity for remorse, it’s out there,” he said, visibly shaken. “Uh, it’s not something I’ve tried to hide, it’s something that all my friends and family have known about for a very long time, the reason I haven’t chosen to share it with you at home, is just that, I don’t know, it’s not that interesting. Being a smarmy, contemptuous fuckwit is far more interesting, and being a human with some capacity for contrition has been just my private business, and a small part of my life, and not something I’ve necessary tried to hide, but it’s just not something that I’ve really bothered or cared to share with the world, with you, at home, but it’s out there, so, yeah.”

Bridge attempted to comfort Richardson in the awkward on-air moments, telling him he knew Richardson “didn’t really mean it” when he apologized.

“I just think I should make clear for the audience,” said Bridge, gesturing to Richardson. “Mark didn’t do this on purpose. It wasn’t like he was being genuinely thoughtful, or he was trying to reassure me about anything, it was a just a runaway conversation and an honest mistake.”

“In three years of doing this job,” said Richardson, “this is as bad as I’ve ever felt. I say a lot of stuff on this show, and I mean it, and it’s usually over the line, it’s usually absolutely awful, indefensible stuff, and I lay it on real, real thick, and really just, demean vulnerable people in difficult situations, and moan about the pettiest things with absolutely no self-awareness, but today, just because I’m so free-wheeling, I’ve said something that’s revealed something we’re all a little surprised to learn, and it’s led to this, and I’m terribly sorry.”

Gillies interjected to ask Richardson if it really “had been three years”, as it felt like a lot longer and “more excruciating” than that.

Richardson clarified he meant to say “not sorry.”

The AM Show’s usual host, Duncan Garner, is away this week having his torso fumigated.