Marketing stunt gone wrong: Mike Hosking sucked into black hole created by his custom Dyson vacuum cleaner

If you’re interested in buying a Dyson of your own, just call 0800 473 253 to enquire.

If you’re interested in buying a Dyson of your own, just call 0800 473 253 to enquire.

A painfully obvious marketing stunt for Dyson vacuum cleaners has gone horribly wrong today, after Mike Hosking was sucked into a miniature black hole by his customised Dyson, which he had already been warned was “much too powerful” to use inside the Newstalk ZB studios.

The incident happened while Hosking was filming a painfully scripted video organized by NZME, which owns both Newstalk ZB and ZM.

It was set to be part of a marketing stunt in which two of ZM’s hosts, Jace and PJ*, pretend to have stolen one of Hosking’s vacuum cleaners, holding it ransom in return for a ride in his Ferrari.
*Real names unknown.

This morning’s plan was that Hosking would escalate the desperately pre-arranged stunt with a video response to the pair, calling them “losers.” It would go viral, and be posted as though it were actual news on the New Zealand Herald’s website.

But during the filming at around 10am this morning, nothing went to plan.

Hosking turned up in a black shirt with black jeans and black shoes, which he was repeatedly asked not to do.

Then, things got even worse. While filming a segment of the video in which Hosking uses his extra-powerful customised Dyson to demonstrate he still has one, “and many more,” he turned the vacuum up to maximum power, resulting in the formation of a tiny black hole.

Hosking was violently ripped apart as he passed the black hole’s event horizon, which consumed him totally, before evaporating.

Leighton Smith will take over Hosking’s show in the morning, while Smith’s own show will be replaced by the droning noise of a plane engine.