Media reports surplus of pictures of Len Brown walking

One of what is estimated to be thousands of pictures of Len Brown walking.

One of what is estimated to be thousands of pictures of Len Brown walking.

In the wake of the ongoing Len Brown sex scandal, national news media has reported it now has more pictures of the Auckland mayor walking to and from places than it is able to use.

Brown, who is photographed every time he walks from one private area to another, cancelled his first public event today – a scheduled appearance at Three Kings Primary School – in fear of having to be seen in between private crying meetings.

Close personal aides to the mayor are becoming frustrated by the hordes of photographers, as the pictures of Brown walking are forcing them to find things for him to carry in order to make it look like he’s doing his job.

“Obviously he’s not doing his job right now,” said one aide, Vernon Boon, who spoke on the condition that he would be named. “I mean, seriously, could you do your job at this point? All he does in meetings is shake visibly and make things wet.

“We have to watch him if he goes too near the windows.”

But despite complaints from council staff, Stuff.co.nz editor Mark Stevens was defending the pictures today as a “necessary reflection” of the “modern Len Brown.”

“I have some people write to me and say ‘Fairfax, leave Len alone. You know, there are plenty of pictures of him out there. You don’t need to take new ones every time he goes outside,’” he said. “But you know, I think that somewhat misses the point. These pictures are a living diary of the Brown scandal. They help us answer important questions such as ‘What does Len wear when he’s feeling sad?’ and ‘Has he grown a beard yet?’”

Stevens did, however, acknowledge that, in this case, there were probably too many.

“I think the sheer volume has become problematic,” he said, noting that, even after publishing a 60-image slideshow to the website yesterday, there were still left-over pictures of Brown walking.

In order to make the most of their surplus, Stuff has begun posting pictures of Len Brown alongside other, unrelated stories.

But despite the ongoing controversy surrounding his mayoralty and extra-marital affair, Brown appears to be weathering the storm. A Herald DigiPoll survey from late last week showed that 51% of Aucklanders didn’t think he should step down, while 39% said they hadn’t ever had an affair.