MediaWorks confirms reruns of Road Cops is its new current affairs show

Road Cops does occasionally feature police on the pavement.

Road Cops does occasionally feature police on the pavement.

TV3 owner MediaWorks has acknowledged this morning what many already suspected, that the previously slated interim replacement for Campbell Live – reruns of popular police-in-cars programme Road Cops – will in fact be permanent, and act as its 7pm current affairs show.

Head of news Mark Jennings said that reruns of Road Cops – a sequel to the original run of Road Cops – is a “natural evolution” of Campbell Live, and will provide much of the same long-form journalism and social advocacy that its predecessor did.

“There’s no doubt that Road Cops is a hugely popular show,” said Jennings. “That’s because, unlike other shows about cops, this one is about cops on the road, something we try to get across in the title: Road Cops.

“We’ve always believed it’s a distinct improvement on other shows such as Highway Cops, which is about cops only on the highway, but more focused than say, Cops, which is just about police generally.

“People have really responded to that, and we hope they’ll respond again, a second time, at seven o’clock.”

Jennings said that the stars of Road Cops had spent “much more time” in local and poor communities than even John Campbell, and that the social advocacy focus of the show would “definitely still be there,” with police promoting such values and messages as “don’t nick stuff,” and “don’t talk back, alright?”

Other options considered for the 7pm slot included a live-to-air cat playing with string in boxes, and reruns of Campbell Live.