Nelson Mandela distressed by Twitter reports of his death

Nelson Mandela’s family are becoming worried about him as he continues to fall for hoax reports that he has died.

Nelson Mandela’s family are becoming worried about him as he continues to fall for hoax reports that he has died.

Former South African President Nelson Mandela is said to be growing increasingly distressed as he continues to stumble upon an ongoing series of false Twitter reports that he has died.

The 94-year-old anti-apartheid hero has been hospitalized in Pretoria for nearly three weeks, and earlier this week was described as being in “critical condition.” This has led to an outbreak of hoax twitter accounts designed to spread false reports about his death, and his daughters say that he is finding these “both confusing and distressing.”

“Madiba is an old man,” said his eldest daughter Makaziwe. “He doesn’t have the best grasp on technology, so when he sees a tweet that says he has died, he doesn’t understand that it might not be real.”

Makaziwe told of how she was awoken by Mandela several days ago when he first saw a hoax tweet about his death.

“Maka, Maka!” he cried. “I have died! I am dead!”

“No, Tata,” she told him as she rushed to his side. “You haven’t died. You’re talking to me right now.”

“CNN says that I have died,” he said with certainty, holding up the phone so she could see.

Makaziwe reassured her father that it was not true, and that the account did not belong to CNN, as it had 90 followers.

“CNN would never have that many followers,” she told him.

After a string of these incidents, doctors at the Pretoria hospital have had to confiscate Mandela’s phone, as he now does nothing but use it to Twitter search “Nelson Mandela dead.”

“Every time he finds a new hoax report, he tells you he’s died again,” said a spokesman for the hospital. “He left us with no choice, really.”

Makaziwe said that she had purchased Mandela a new phone that was blocked from using the internet, and on which she had installed only a limited number of apps.

“We’ve got him playing Angry Birds now,” she said. “It keeps him entertained. We tried Temple Run for a while, but you die in that game and he found that confusing as well.”

In the last few hours, doctors report that the situation has gotten “much worse” after Mandela got hold of a nurse’s phone and found a Twitter account purporting to be him.