New evidence implicates Robin Bain in murder of Scott Guy

Circled in red: the exact location where Robin Bain is said to have been photographed.

Circled in red: the exact location where Robin Bain is said to have been photographed.

Investigators in the Scott Guy murder case claim to have uncovered what they say is “significant” evidence that suggests that Guy was not murdered by his brother-in-law Ewen Macdonald, but rather by father of the infamous Bain family Robin Bain.

The evidence, which is set to be unveiled tonight on TV One’s Seven Sharp programme, reportedly consists of a singular photograph of a man lingering outside Mr. Guy’s Feilding property on the morning of July 8th, 2010; the same morning that he was fatally shot on his driveway.

While investigators say the picture was taken from “quite far away,” they promise that it will show a man who, at very least, “certainly looks like Robin Bain.” Media have not yet been given access to the photograph, but a number of reliable sources have confirmed that the man does have a moustache, is old, and is “probably” thin.

In response to these developments, a lawyer for Mr. Macdonald issued a statement early this afternoon. In the statement, he said he would wait for the full evidence to come to light before commenting properly, but reiterated that Macdonald “has long maintained that it was Robin, not him, who murdered Scott Guy, and it’s good to finally see him being vindicated on that matter.”

Outside the Guy case, supporters of Robin’s son, David Bain, are wondering whether the new evidence will help him in his quest to get compensation for his 1995 imprisonment on conviction of killing his family. That conviction was later overturned by a court in 2009, and David has himself maintained that it was his father who was responsible for those murders.

Justice Minister Judith Collins said the evidence was “unlikely” to have any effect on Bain’s compensation request, but that it was “concerning” that Robin Bain appeared to have been present at the scene of yet another tragedy.

Joe Karam, long-time crusader and representative for David Bain, said that Collins’ response simply wasn’t good enough.

“Look, I know there’s been a lot of debate on both sides of this for a long while now, but it’s about time we had enough of these games,” he said. “David and I know quite well who murdered his family, and it’s disgusting to know that he’s still out there killing people all over the show, and no one’s doing anything about it.”

Police Commissioner Peter Marshall said that Robin Bain was well known to them, and while he was not in custody, he was already being investigated for a number of other violent and drug-related crimes throughout the South Island.