New Zealand celebrates separation of child from mother

One country's humanitarian tragedy is another country's happy miracle,

One country’s humanitarian tragedy is another country’s happy miracle.

An historic day, said the media. A happy day, said Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters. Fine day across the South, said Metservice.

Though Peters later clarified he wasn’t talking about the baby, these are the sentiments that are ringing around the country this evening as New Zealand celebrates the separation of a child from its mother.

The child and mother were separated from one another by a team of doctors and like-minded people at approximately 4:45pm this afternoon, an ugly process that was painful and emotional for both parties, but which is being heralded by the nation’s people as a beautiful miracle.

Crowds cheered, MPs clinked glasses, social media rejoiced as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s first-born daughter was taken from her.

Ardern and Gayford heaped praise on hospital staff for separating the baby, while opposition leader Simon Bridges congratulated mother and daughter on being torn asunder.

New Zealand has withdrawn from the UN Human Rights Council.