New Zealanders like pizza, says Key

The Prime Minister is confident that the mood of the nation favours pizza.

The Prime Minister is confident that the mood of the nation favours pizza.

Prime Minister John Key believes that the majority of New Zealanders like pizza. He made the claim today at a scheduled press conference in response to a question about school closures in Christchurch. When asked by a reporter if he was concerned that polling showed a majority of residents opposed the closures, Key said he thought the statistics were misleading.

“I think it depends on how you ask the question” he said. “Obviously, if you ask ‘do you support the closure of our children’s schools?’ people are going to say no, but if you phrase the question more like ‘Would New Zealanders like pizza for dinner tonight?’, I think most New Zealanders would say yes.”

An online poll conducted by The Civilian appears to back up the Prime Minister’s claim, with 78% of respondents saying they would like pizza for dinner tonight, and 12% saying they definitely would not. Another 10% said they would probably prefer pizza tomorrow night.

Karen Healey, 42 and mother of three children affected by the closures, was encouraged by the Prime Minister’s statements. “I think he’s right” she said. “We would like pizza.”

But not everyone was in agreement with Mr. Key. Greens co-leader Russell Norman fired back at the Prime Minister in parliament today, blasting his claim as unquantifiable and a “deliberate distraction from real issues”, such as the rising cost of pizza.

Patrick Wilson, Managing Director of McDonalds New Zealand, was also unimpressed. He said that he believed most New Zealanders would prefer a burger for dinner, and cautioned Mr. Key to be more careful with his words.

The Prime Minister’s claim comes just one week after he asserted that dolphins were cute in response to a question about the Same Sex Marriage Bill.