On election eve, Trump team concedes he may still win despite ‘very best efforts’ to lose

Despite Donald Trump’s heroic efforts, analysts say there is still an outside chance he’ll win tomorrow.

Despite Donald Trump’s heroic efforts, analysts say there is still an outside chance he’ll win tomorrow.

On the eve of the United States Presidential Election, Donald Trump’s campaign team says the candidate is confident he’s done “everything he can” to lose tomorrow’s election, despite some polls suggesting he still has a shot to win.

Trump has been on a marathon schedule in the closing days of the campaign, holding up to five rallies a day, some even taking place after midnight.

His campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, says Trump wants to “take no chances” and “leave it all on the field.”

“No matter what happens tomorrow, Donald doesn’t want to be left wondering what might’ve been if he’d lost,” she said. “He wants to be out there, every remaining hour, showing the American people his true character. And if he’s able to do that, if he’s able to demonstrate who he really is, we’re confident he’ll lose resoundingly.

“Donald has been working around the clock, multiple events a day, barely any sleep, for one and a half years now. He’s called Mexican immigrants rapists, he’s insulted prisoners of war, dead soldiers’ families, implied certain women weren’t attractive enough to sexually assault, encouraged nuclear proliferation, threatened to change libel laws so he can sue people who say things he doesn’t like, said President Obama founded ISIS, called Megyn Kelly a bimbo, told his Twitter followers to check out the sex tape of a former Miss Universe contestant, gave out Lindsey Graham’s phone number, invited Bill Clinton’s sexual accusers to a televised debate, tried to put them in the family box opposite Bill Clinton, said he ‘wasn’t impressed’ by how Hillary Clinton looked during that same debate, implied she was on drugs, and all the while cast aspersions on the entire electoral system.

“So if there’s one thing you can’t say, it’s that Donald hasn’t been working hard. You can’t say he hasn’t been making incredible, life-changing sacrifices to lose this election, and tomorrow, we believe we may just do it.”

Asked if there was still a possibility that Trump would prevail tomorrow, Conway conceded there was.

“Absolutely there is, no, absolutely,” she said. “I think Donald and all his supporters would be incredibly disappointed by that, you know, given how much has gone into losing this, and how hard his supporters have tried to lose this, too. It’s not just Donald. There are people all across this great country that have put time and effort into scaring the living shit out of ordinary Americans, to drive up black turnout, to drive up  Hispanic turnout, and so much more. But of course we acknowledge it’s possible.”

Trump will reportedly spend election day on New York’s 5th Avenue, where he will shoot somebody in one final attempt at defeat.