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Acting Prime Minister Bill English enjoys answering a question about the stagnant unemployment rate

Bill English pleased to have House to himself

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English is pleased to have New Zealand’s House of Representatives all to himself this week as Prime Minister John Key embarks on an overseas trip to China. English, who is currently Acting Prime Minister in Key’s absence, has held more than six press conferences in the […]

Outrage grows over Danish politician’s Lord of the Rings comments

Outrage grows over Danish politician’s Lord of the Rings comments

New Zealanders are expressing outrage this afternoon after a visiting Danish politician described the popular Lord of the Rings trilogy as “dull” and “wholly uninspired.” The Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand between 1999 and 2003, and has been both a source of national pride and a […]

A visual representation of what the church believes an extreme makeover cathedral might look like

Christchurch Cathedral to get extreme makeover

Christchurch residents are expressing great excitement this afternoon after international television distributor ABC announced that a special edition of its famous Extreme Makeover: Home Edition series would be coming to the quake-stricken city. The television show, which typically features a team of enthusiastic renovators building a personalized home for a […]

Teddums, the current director of the GCSB, was once the close personal confidante of a young John Key

Prime Minister faces questions over appointment of teddy bear to GCSB

Prime Minister John Key is facing questions this morning over the appointment of his childhood friend and two foot stuffed teddy bear Teddums to the directorship of the Government Communication Security Bureau, New Zealand’s state intelligence agency. Teddums, who has served as the director of the GCSB for more than […]

New Zealand’s endemic bird species will soon be subjected to 24 hours of non-stop hip hop music every day for more than two months

New study to measure effect of hip hop music on native birds

The Department of Conversation has authorized a groundbreaking new study that plans to examine what effect modern hip hop music will have on New Zealand’s native birds. The study, being conducted in partnership with the University of Waikato, will see the installation of hundreds of high-power stereo systems in various […]

Government to sell Peter Dunne

Government to sell Peter Dunne

Despite complications caused by the ongoing Rio Tinto debacle, the National government is pushing ahead today with its state asset sales strategy, announcing plans to expand the program to include the partial privatization of United Future Leader and Revenue Minister of eight years Peter Dunne. The announcement that Dunne would […]