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The government hopes that the allure of a delicious chocolate treat will persuade Rio Tinto to keep its Tiwai aluminium smelter operational for years to come

Government hopes to sweeten Rio Tinto deal with chocolate fish

Just one day after international mining giant Rio Tinto rejected a government subsidy offer to keep its Southland aluminium factory in operation, Prime Minister John Key is promising he’ll return to the negotiating table with a tasty chocolate fish. The factory, located just south of Invercargill at Tiwai Point, is […]

Mr. Shearer says he “only just remembered” he had the winning ticket

David Shearer claims 11-month-old Lotto ticket

Leader of the Labour Party David Shearer made his way into the Cambridge Terrace lotto shop in Wellington today to claim a major prize on a lottery ticket he purchased more than eleven months ago. Shearer told a gathering of media outside the store that he’d bought the ticket from […]

Scenes like these are set to become a thing of the past as police cease all speed monitoring operations for the remainder of 2013

Police fill speeding quota for year

Following a busy Easter weekend on the roads, New Zealand Police Commissioner Peter Marshall is quietly conceding that police have reached their nationwide quota of speeding tickets for the entire year of 2013. The quota, reportedly set at around 700,000, acts as both a target and a cap with regards […]

Auckland Airport to add new ‘crashed’ status to arrivals board

Auckland Airport to add new ‘crashed’ status to arrivals board

Auckland International Airport is today announcing that it will be overhauling its electronic arrival boards to give people more detailed information on the status of incoming flights. Amongst the changes is the addition of a new “crashed” status that will let anyone waiting for a flight know if their loved […]

3rd Degree hosts spar over future of 3rd Degree

3rd Degree hosts spar over future of 3rd Degree

Last night, as members of Parliament debated the passage of a historic bill to legalize same sex marriage, Duncan Garner and Guyon Espiner, hosts of TV3’s struggling current affairs programme 3rd Degree, staged a debate of their own. The formerly successful political journalists converted their show into a special debate […]

Dr. Anthony Poole doesn’t see why this kiwi (left) isn’t just “a tiny, baby version” of this moa (right)

‘What if kiwi are just tiny moa?’ asks biologist

A Christchurch biologist sent shockwaves throughout the scientific community Tuesday when he posed a groundbreaking question at a conference of lecturers at the University of Canterbury. The conference was a routine event held by lecturers to facilitate the sharing of research between colleagues, but it took a surprising turn when […]