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Dr. Anthony Poole doesn’t see why this kiwi (left) isn’t just “a tiny, baby version” of this moa (right)

‘What if kiwi are just tiny moa?’ asks biologist

A Christchurch biologist sent shockwaves throughout the scientific community Tuesday when he posed a groundbreaking question at a conference of lecturers at the University of Canterbury. The conference was a routine event held by lecturers to facilitate the sharing of research between colleagues, but it took a surprising turn when […]

ACT Party launches investigation into why John Banks is leader of ACT

ACT Party launches investigation into why John Banks is leader of ACT

The ACT Party has today announced that it will be launching a thorough investigation into how former Auckland mayor and National Party cabinet minister John Banks became the parliamentary leader of its supposedly libertarian party. Concern has been building in ACT’s ranks for some time about the leadership, which appeared […]

EQC mistakenly deletes entire insurance record

EQC mistakenly deletes entire insurance record

Homeowners are suffering immeasurable stress this afternoon after news broke that the Earthquake and War Damage Commission mistakenly deleted the entire insurance record from the 2010 and 2011 Christchurch earthquakes. The loss happened during an attempt to clean up the privacy breach that occurred over the weekend, when insurance advocate […]

Jerry Collins says he'll do whatever it takes to protect his family

Jerry Collins locks self in jail cell, won’t come out

Former All Black Jerry Collins has locked himself in a Japanese jail cell and is this morning refusing to come out. Japanese police in the city of Hamamatsu, where Collins is being held, have been trying to get him out of the cell since he locked himself in there late […]

Susan Devoy is confident that she can help ease simmering tensions between European New Zealanders and the country's indigenous blacks

Susan Devoy promises to reach out to nation’s blacks

Incoming Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy has today promised to forge a close working relationship with New Zealand’s indigenous black people. Devoy, a former squash player and four time winner of the World Open, was last week appointed to the high-ranking position by Minister of Ethnic Affairs, Judith Collins. […]

Bear Grylls seized by customs

Bear Grylls seized by customs

A British man was arrested late yesterday afternoon after attempting to smuggle a fully grown Bear Grylls into New Zealand. The man, who had flown into Auckland International Airport from the United Kingdom, was detained after he failed to declare Bear Grylls on his passenger arrival card. Specifically, the man […]