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Generous Cantabrians came together last night to give food and warm clothes to vulnerable rubberneckers who had put themselves out in the cold.

Fears thousands of rubberneckers may be left with nowhere to go if fire is brought under control

As fire response crews begin to make positive steps in the containment of Christchurch’s Port Hills fire, fears are beginning to mount about the thousands of rubberneckers who may be left hopeless and with nowhere to go once the flames are finally under control. Reports are emerging this afternoon that […]

Morgan says he doesn’t regret the stunt, but would perhaps make the glass a “tad less strong next time.”

Political stunt backfires: Gareth Morgan trapped in glass case for days after no one realises he’s missing

In a Waitangi Day political stunt that didn’t go quite to plan, Gareth Morgan has been trapped inside a glass case for the whole week, after nobody realised he was missing or went to find him. On Monday, Morgan intentionally enclosed himself in the case to promote his new Opportunities […]

Tales of the provinces are based on largely unreliable anecdotes from delusional Aucklanders who strayed too far down the southern motorway.

Auckland father terrifies son by telling him of mythical place called ‘the provinces’

An Auckland father has sent his son off to bed tonight by telling him a story of a mythical place called “the provinces,” where people support rugby teams other than The Blues and poors can in some cases afford houses. The man’s son was physically and emotionally rattled as his […]

MediaWorks says it has yet to decide whether Dai Henwood dancing is a permanent part of the logo, an indecision it says solidifies the channel as “dynamic” and “confused.”

TV3 becomes ‘Three’ in final acknowledgement that it is no longer television

TV3 has announced this evening that it has dropped the TV from its name in order to better reflect the fact that it is no longer television, and rather just another arbitrary numbered placeholder in the ever-expanding list of increasingly redundant free-to-air stations. MediaWorks chief content officer Andrew Szusterman says […]

English is said not to be introducing himself when answering the phone, timidly asking “Hello?” in an attempt to make sure of who it is.

Bill English coming dangerously close to a heart attack every time he answers the phone

There are growing concerns about the Prime Minister’s health today as staff report that his stress levels are reaching breaking point, and he appears visibly startled and frightened every time his phone rings. Bill English has been expecting an important phone call sometime this week, but there is a lack […]

Grass-drying is a popular event where two cricket teams come together to sit inside while men in hats debate whether the grass they’re walking on is safe to walk on.

Record crowd turns out to watch grass dry in ‘fantastic showing’ at Napier

Event staff at Napier’s McLean Park are thrilled this evening after a record crowd turned out to watch a field of grass dry over a period of 5 and a half hours, before being told to leave. Organisers of the event estimate it’s the largest New Zealand crowd ever to […]