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Primary school students are looking forward to the strike actions.

Teachers’ strike to be met with resistance by nationwide parents’ strike

In two weeks time, primary school aged children across the country will be left to fend entirely for themselves, after New Zealand’s parenting union announced retaliatory measures against the planned primary school teachers’ strike. On August 15th, primary school teachers will go on strike for a full day, a move […]

Expect to see these billboards popping up later this year.

Police hope to have speeding ticket gift vouchers available in time for Christmas

New Zealand Police say they now expect to have their latest revenue-raising measure in place by Christmas this year, providing a much-needed funding boost to the force. From December 15th, Kiwis will have the option of buying speeding ticket vouchers for friends or family, which can be used to pay […]

The birth of Prime Minister Ardern's first child has overshadowed some staffing alterations back in Wellington.

Winston Peters fired entire Cabinet on Thursday but every journalist was at the hospital

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters fired the entirety of Jacinda Ardern’s Cabinet shortly after taking the reins on Thursday morning, but this wasn’t reported until now as every political journalist in the country was eating snacks in the Auckland Hospital cafeteria. It has taken a total of four days for […]

One country's humanitarian tragedy is another country's happy miracle,

New Zealand celebrates separation of child from mother

An historic day, said the media. A happy day, said Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters. Fine day across the South, said Metservice. Though Peters later clarified he wasn’t talking about the baby, these are the sentiments that are ringing around the country this evening as New Zealand celebrates the separation […]

Journalists are being treated with snacks, WiFi, and reachable power outlets.

Hundreds of journalists rushed to hospital following major incident

Several hundred journalists are in Auckland Hospital today following a major incident in the city. The journalists were admitted to the hospital early this morning, wearing tags and barcodes to identify them, as staff were overwhelmed by their arrival. It as yet unclear what has happened, but one nurse spoken […]

Seymour suggested employees could even choose to take all of their annual holidays on the same day, which could even have the added bonus of helping them not lose their job.

David Seymour asks why the government needs to provide holidays when you can already buy them online

ACT Party leader and star of recent Three mockumentary series Dancing with the Stars has questioned the need for government mandated public holidays, saying that in the modern world, holidays are already widely available on the internet. “There was a time when a holiday wasn’t that easy to come by, […]