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Sorry Phil Goff. Free speech strikes again.

Far-right speaking event cancelled again, but ‘Phil Goff is a prick’ event to go ahead at council venues

The long-planned Phil Goff is a Gigantic Prick Festival is set to go ahead at multiple council-owned venues tonight, a welcome relief for the organiser, who worried a pair of far-right Canadian speakers would threaten his completely unrelated and otherwise peaceful triennial event. Kevin Henare, who has no association with […]

By sports columnist Jock Harrison.

Opinion: Will Steven Adams at least play table tennis for New Zealand?

If Steven Adams has any decency left – and you’d have to say, it looks like he doesn’t – then he’ll at least consider playing table tennis for New Zealand. Or something relatively easy, like lawn balls, for goodness sake. How hard can it be? Front up mate. Do the […]

If the baby of a Prime Minister can't dress itself, what hope do the rest of us have?

Disappointment: Six weeks on, Jacinda Ardern’s daughter Neve has achieved nothing

As Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern returns to work this week, there are growing questions over what her having a baby was even for in the first place. Six weeks on since the much-hyped birth of Ardern’s child, it appears to have done absolutely nothing for itself, the country, or the […]

Primary school students are looking forward to the strike actions.

Teachers’ strike to be met with resistance by nationwide parents’ strike

In two weeks time, primary school aged children across the country will be left to fend entirely for themselves, after New Zealand’s parenting union announced retaliatory measures against the planned primary school teachers’ strike. On August 15th, primary school teachers will go on strike for a full day, a move […]

Expect to see these billboards popping up later this year.

Police hope to have speeding ticket gift vouchers available in time for Christmas

New Zealand Police say they now expect to have their latest revenue-raising measure in place by Christmas this year, providing a much-needed funding boost to the force. From December 15th, Kiwis will have the option of buying speeding ticket vouchers for friends or family, which can be used to pay […]

The birth of Prime Minister Ardern's first child has overshadowed some staffing alterations back in Wellington.

Winston Peters fired entire Cabinet on Thursday but every journalist was at the hospital

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters fired the entirety of Jacinda Ardern’s Cabinet shortly after taking the reins on Thursday morning, but this wasn’t reported until now as every political journalist in the country was eating snacks in the Auckland Hospital cafeteria. It has taken a total of four days for […]