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What’s in the Coronavirus Package?

What’s in the Coronavirus Package?

With the economy already reeling from a crisis that’s barely begun, the Government today sought to provide reassurance to workers and businesses in the form of a massive phallic pun to insert much-needed cash into the private sector and help fight the looming pandemic. Here are the key components: $5.1 […]

Jones will appear on +HR=E's The AM Show tomorrow morning.

Shane Jones asked to self-isolate after recent travel to Newshub studios

Minister for Regional Economic Development and leading suspect in the case of a missing truckload of bourbon, Shane Jones, has been asked to put himself in isolation after a recent trip to Newshub studios. Jones made a trip to the studios, located on Flower Street in Auckland, on February 29th, […]

Watch out for anything that looks like this

The Civilian’s guide to preparing for Coronavirus

Well, it looks like it’s here. The most anticipated disease of the decade has reached our shores, and New Zealanders couldn’t be more excited. Indeed, nothing says excitement like flocking to the supermarket to purchase up the nation’s supply of toilet paper. Some may laugh at you for doing this, […]

To ensure a factual campaign, all Labour Party advertising will be in question form

To ensure a factual campaign, all Labour Party advertising will be in question form

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today made the commitment that all her government’s election advertising will be in question form, ensuring a “robust?” but “fair?” campaign in which there would be no risk of the Labour Party making any misleading statements. Ardern has spent the last two weeks strongly emphasizing her […]

Today's boastful press conference hearkens back to 2012, when New Zealand First celebrated not being charged in relation to the murder of Scott Guy.

Winston Peters claims vindication after not being charged in National Party SFO investigation

New Zealand First leader and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters is claiming total exoneration this afternoon after the Serious Fraud Office did not charge him with any crimes in relation to their investigation into suspect donations to the National Party. “For the past few months, we’ve had the usual suspects […]

Mark Richardson appeared visibly unsettled after an unguarded moment on live television.

Mark Richardson accidentally outs self as human

Viewers of +HR=E’s The AM Show were left stunned this morning and wondering whether they’d heard correctly, after co-host Mark Richardson mistakenly outed himself as capable of contrition, self-reflection and some tiny semblance of humanity. Richardson let the shock revelation slip by making an ostensibly genuine apology to stand-in host […]