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Sonny Bill Williams is now listed at 278cm tall.

Will Steve Hansen’s plan to stack two All Blacks on top of each other in a big coat pay dividends?

When the All Blacks face South Africa in their first match of next month’s Rugby World Cup, Steve Hansen’s bold plan to field 16 players by stacking two All Blacks on top of each other in a giant black coat will finally be put to the test. Hansen has been […]

Bridges: If kids become reliant on free lunches, how will they cope when we’re in power?

Bridges: If kids become reliant on free lunches, how will they cope when we’re in power?

Opposition leader Simon Bridges has criticized the Government’s plan to give primary and intermediate school children free lunches, saying that they could “become dependent” on them, and not know how to fare for themselves when National takes power. Bridges, who has been riding a wave of momentum afforded to him […]

Many of the man's family members are afraid he's only got out of bed to drink.

Man finally gets out of bed after Cricket World Cup

31-year-old Jeffrey Twigg finally got out of bed this evening after the 2019 Cricket World Cup final between New Zealand and England. With a blood alcohol concentration of 380mg, Twigg went to bed on the morning of July 15th, immediately following the final, the specific events of which cannot be […]

None of the other four Parliamentary parties have reacted to Seymour's policy.

David Seymour says ACT would make retirement age 69

Responding to National’s announcement that it would raise the retirement age from 65 to 67 in 2037, ACT leader David Seymour has announced his party’s intention to see the age raised to 69. “After extensive consultation with caucus, and with my friends of ACT on Campus, I’m proud to announce […]

Speaker Trevor Mallard was left to look after Jones, while his usual caretaker, Winston Peters, underwent surgery.

Adorable: Trevor Mallard cradles drunk Shane Jones while Parliament in session

A truly adorable scene from Parliament yesterday has gone viral, after Speaker Trevor Mallard cradled an extremely drunk Shane Jones in his arms while the House was in session. Loud “awwww”s could be heard around the chamber as the Regional Development Minister, absolutely tuckered from a long morning of heavy […]

Western media have defended their decision not to cover the fires so as not to give them any oxygen.

Selfish corporate media won’t send cameras to Amazon so we can watch it burn

Social media outrage continues to grow around the sentiment that mainstream western media is devoting too little coverage to an ongoing series of fires in the Amazon rainforest, and in doing so are denying us a precious opportunity to watch it slowly burn to ashes. Social media users aren’t so […]