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LIVE: Jacinda Ardern vs. Judith Collins, First Debate

LIVE: Jacinda Ardern vs. Judith Collins, First Debate

Tonight, The Civilian will be live-blogging the first of too many debates between Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and National Party leader Judith Collins, and also the last fifteen minutes of the news. Be sure to tune in from 6:45pm for regular updates, which can be accessed by refreshing this page […]

An enormous drive-in party, shown here, was held this morning on Auckland's Harbour Bridge, where police were forced to intervene.

Hundreds of Aucklanders arrested after illegal mass gathering on Harbour Bridge

Hundreds of Aucklanders were arrested this morning on public health grounds, after an apparent illegal mass gathering on the city’s Harbour Bridge. Police say hundreds of Aucklanders gathered in their cars for what appeared to be some kind of drive-in party, and were well in excess on the 10-person limit […]

The effects dark magic cast on Collins' MPs has gotten so out of control that she's beginning to fear it's the work of someone else.

Entire caucus continues to follow Judith Collins everywhere as she struggles to undo mind control spell

When Judith Collins was finally elected leader of the New Zealand National Party last night, it was accompanied by a moving show of unity, as every single MP from her caucus marched in lockstep and stood at her side as she delivered her first address as Leader of the Opposition. […]

The Civilian takes a look at the new leader of the National Party, Todd Muller

An Introduction to Todd Muller

This article was written over the past weekend as part of The Civilian’s series of “Meet the Leaders” profiles. Some will claim that this makes the article outdated, because Muller is no longer leader. But The Civilian disagrees. We firmly believe that Todd Muller exists outside the usual paradigm of […]

What’s in the Coronavirus Package?

What’s in the Coronavirus Package?

With the economy already reeling from a crisis that’s barely begun, the Government today sought to provide reassurance to workers and businesses in the form of a massive phallic pun to insert much-needed cash into the private sector and help fight the looming pandemic. Here are the key components: $5.1 […]

Jones will appear on +HR=E's The AM Show tomorrow morning.

Shane Jones asked to self-isolate after recent travel to Newshub studios

Minister for Regional Economic Development and leading suspect in the case of a missing truckload of bourbon, Shane Jones, has been asked to put himself in isolation after a recent trip to Newshub studios. Jones made a trip to the studios, located on Flower Street in Auckland, on February 29th, […]