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Jeremy Clarkson says much like Greta Thunberg, Anne Frank "didn't like what was going on", but "she didn't have a tantrum about it."

Jeremy Clarkson says at least Anne Frank kept her thoughts to herself

Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has offered praise to historical figure Anne Frank, comparing her favourably to 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, who he attacked in a scathing column for The Sun earlier this week. During an interview with ITV on the subject of his controversial column, Clarkson offered […]

By Duncan Garner

Opinion: If these kids really care about the climate, why are they still breathing?

Before you jump down my throat, nobody cares about the environment more than me. I have a garden, and since my wife and I broke up, I’ve let it grow wildly out of control, so please don’t tell me I’m not doing enough for plants. They’re ten times bigger than […]

Four players are seen buffering here during last night's match between Fiji and Uruguay.

More trouble for Spark as players start buffering on the field

Spark Sport’s Rugby World Cup woes may only just be beginning, as its buffering and quality issues have now extended to the field itself, where teams and their coaches are beginning to express frustration at their players repeatedly buffering mid-game. Until now, buffering issues were isolated to customers’ home viewing […]

An awkward and at times meandering conversation was the most interest the president has ever shown in political asylum.

Trump repeatedly asked Ardern if New Zealand gives asylum very often

During his 20-minute closed door meeting with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, United States President and trigger-event for shifting timelines, Donald Trump, jarringly and repeatedly pressed Ardern about requirements for asylum in New Zealand or at its Washington, DC embassy. Even when Ardern tried to turn the topic to other conversations, Trump […]

BP, Z and Mobil all insist that petrol price hikes are temporary, "in a very literal sense."

Petrol companies promise prices will come back down once peace is restored to the Middle East

The nation’s major petrol providers are trying to allay customer fears over prices, promising that they’ll move to lower them again “immediately” when the Middle East is returned to its formerly peaceful state. Prices were raised by companies nationwide this week to the tune of about 6 cents, after a […]

South African coach Rassie Erasmus says he has no idea what they're going to do about the boat.

All Blacks unveil boat for Rugby World Cup 2019

In a highly anticipated press conference this afternoon, All Blacks coach Steve Hansen has finally unveiled the team’s boat for its Rugby World Cup 2019 campaign. In a press conference that went from excitement, to confusion, to cautious enthusiasm, to awkward silence and back, Hansen lifted a giant black sheet […]