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Mayor Julie Hardaker has reassured Hamiltonians that “nothing could possibly go wrong” with the addition of Powerade to the water supply.

Hamilton to replace fluoride with Powerade

The Hamilton City Council has resolved to replace the fluoride in its water supply with the blue “Mountain Blast” variety of sports drink Powerade. “This is the start of a more energetic Hamilton,” said Mayor Julie Hardaker this morning, before awkwardly raising one fist in the air. Hardaker said that […]

Smalley says the question to Mr. Brownlee was appropriate, “given the circumstances.”

Rachel Smalley in hot water after asking Gerry Brownlee whether he’s a cunt

TV3 Presenter and host of The Nation Rachel Smalley has been called on to apologise over a weeks-old interview in which she asked Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee whether he was a “horrible cunt.” “Uh… No,” said Brownlee at the time. “I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say that.” […]

Imagination Television, which produces New Zealand’s Got Talent, has decided that the show’s title risks being seen as dishonest.

New Zealand’s Got Talent to add question mark to title

TVNZ has announced that the upcoming third instalment of its New Zealand’s Got Talent show will undergo a title change in an attempt to make it seem less presumptuous. The programme, which will air on TV One for the second time later this year, will change its name to New […]

George R. R. Martin has denied leaking future plot details, saying that he hasn’t read the books, and only watches the TV show.

Game of Thrones producers sue George R. R. Martin for plot leaks

Producers of popular HBO drama Game of Thrones are set to take legal action against a prominent author for allegedly leaking thousands of pages of plot details available in bookstores around the globe. The leak, which is said to have occurred somewhere between 1996 and 2011, was uncovered when co-creators […]

Queen disappointed after receiving toaster for birthday

Queen disappointed after receiving toaster for birthday

Queen Elizabeth II of England is reportedly feeling immense disappointment today after receiving only a toaster for her birthday yesterday. The toaster, which was purchased by her husband Prince Phillip, was on sale for £20 at Harrods Department Store, is stainless steel white and toasts two pieces of bread simultaneously. […]

David Shearer has lost all confidence in himself, and now sees the world through a dull, grey lens of misery.

Shearer rattled after John Key declines to stand by all his statements

Labour leader David Shearer is a faint shadow of his former self today after Prime Minister John Key shut down his line of questioning in Parliament by declining to stand by all his statements. The incident occurred just after 2pm yesterday when Shearer opened parliamentary Question Time by asking the […]