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MediaWorks is assuring viewers that the outcome of the show is still decided fairly by whoever spends the most money on text votes.

TV3 accidentally airs final episode of X Factor

TV3 has been left apologising to its viewers today after a technical error resulted in the television channel broadcasting the final episode of popular musical talent show The X Factor New Zealand, months before it was meant to air. The finale – which viewers now know will be guest hosted […]

The sky is no place for the physically or mentally challenged, says Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand bans disabled passengers from all flights

Air New Zealand has today announced a policy that will bar disabled passengers from being able to book tickets on both domestic and international flights, in order to help prevent future inconvenience to normal, human passengers. The decision follows an incident earlier this week on a flight from Auckland to […]

The Civilian takes a look at what you’ll find in this year’s Budget.

What’s in the Budget?

$1.7 billion to buy back Mighty River Power after Tony Ryall began missing it. $1 billion to build roads that go around Hamilton instead of through it. $200 million for construction of single unaffordable house. $125,000 to Christopher Finlayson’s ongoing investigation into who framed Roger Rabbit. $88 for Steven Joyce […]

Bill English explains to Speaker David Carter that he wasn’t able to bring his budget to Parliament today.

Bill English leaves Budget at home, says printer broke

Finance Minister Bill English has failed to present the written copy of his 2013 Budget today after he left it at home, citing the malfunction of his printer as the reason he couldn’t bring it. At a private media event unveiling the Budget this afternoon, English told reporters that he […]

Budget 2013: New Zealanders hope for state-owned Georgie Pie, concerned about possibility of llama tax

Budget 2013: New Zealanders hope for state-owned Georgie Pie, concerned about possibility of llama tax

A poll conducted by The Civilian has revealed that New Zealanders are looking to this year’s budget to provide them with colourful illustrations and a state-owned Georgie Pie enterprise, but are also fearful of the possibility of a new tax on llama ownership. The scientific poll off 444 respondents was […]

Dreams are real, say scientists

Dreams are real, say scientists

A group of scientists at Boston’s Harvard Medical School say they’ve made the stunning discovery that dreams are not, as once thought, a series of abstract sensations, images and sounds that occur during sleep, but rather demonstrably real events that take place in an alternate universe that can only be […]