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Government to introduce charter hospitals

Government to introduce charter hospitals

The National Government has today announced plans to introduce a number of charter hospitals, similar to their charter school counterparts, in major population centres around the country. The hospitals, which would be owned, operated or sponsored by private enterprises, would dissociate themselves from the current public health system and not […]

The ICPA says that those who complained about the Urewera raids have failed to understand the distinction between “goodies and baddies.”

Urewera report unable to reconcile idea that police can break law

An independent report into the 2007 Urewera raids has been unable to reconcile the idea that the police could break the law, with all investigators from the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) agreeing that law enforcement authorities cannot break the law, because they are the law. In October of 2007, […]

Auckland residents say that stormy weather has provided them with the comforting illusion that something dramatic is happening.

Lightning, water spouts provide country impression that something is happening

A series of heavy storms across the country has provided observers with the distinct impression that something is happening in New Zealand. A low pressure system brought thunderstorms to several highly populated areas of the country over the last two days, and Auckland residents have witnessed tornado-like phenomena known as […]

During the 45-minute meeting, Kerry told McCully that the United States could handle tensions on the Korean Peninsula “just fine” without him.

John Kerry asks New Zealand to ‘stay put, don’t touch anything’

In a meeting with Foreign Minister Murray McCully in Washington, D.C. today, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has told New Zealand that it would be best if it could just “stay put” and “do nothing.” Behind closed doors, the two men spent the majority of their time discussing the […]

North Korea launches missiles into sea, conquers sea

North Korea launches missiles into sea, conquers sea

North Korea’s central news agency, KCNA, has announced that the country has test fired a series of three short range missiles into the Sea of Japan, with the additional aim of defeating the sea in military combat and claiming its territory. Shortly after launching the missiles, KCTV announced that the […]

MediaWorks is assuring viewers that the outcome of the show is still decided fairly by whoever spends the most money on text votes.

TV3 accidentally airs final episode of X Factor

TV3 has been left apologising to its viewers today after a technical error resulted in the television channel broadcasting the final episode of popular musical talent show The X Factor New Zealand, months before it was meant to air. The finale – which viewers now know will be guest hosted […]